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My Favorite Episodes on the Journey to 100

Episode 99

In honor of getting close to our 100th episode milestone, I wanted to talk about my favorite and most impactful episodes ever. There is my most downloaded episode to episodes my audience resonates with the most. There is an episode around my love of hip hop to having some of my favorite people as guests, sharing their expertise and real SEO stories. It’s really been a remarkable journey. 

This journey has allowed me to share my knowledge of SEO and its benefits to your business, while also showing other people’s brilliance

As a podcaster, it is easy to get discouraged when you don’t see the metrics you want to. But don’t give up. Just a year ago, we celebrated 100,000 downloads, and now in just one week, we will be celebrating 100 episodes of amazing content.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why is this such an important moment for the show?
  • What are my favorite episodes and why?
  • What are some of the topics I have spoken about in the past?
  • Who are some of the guests I’ve had, to share their knowledge?
  • What will happen for the 100th episode?

Episode 100 will be LIVE and I will be getting interviewed by our special guest host, Kishshana Palmer on April 13, 2022 at 7:00 PM ET. You don’t want to miss this!

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Here is the list of all the episodes I mentioned, I really hope you enjoy listening to them!

Episode 21 – Branding, Building, and of course Selling your Products with Guest Arsha Jones

Episode 22 – Selling your Products in Today’s Market & Building for the future with Guest Arsha Jones

Episode 27- The Secret to a Viral Post on Facebook with Guest Rachel Miller

Episode 30 – How I run my Business with only a few Hours a day, and never work 7 days a week

Episode 39 – The Government gives out $115B dollars in small biz contracts each year, are you missing out – Guest Adrianne Callahan

Episode 40 – Getting Your Business Right with Government Contracts – Guest Adrianne Callahan

Episode 41 – Stop Sitting at Tyler Perry’s Table and Make Your Own Table

Episode 50 – When Did You Fall in Love with Hip Hop?

Episode 60 – The Battle: Copy vs. Content vs. SEO

Episode 66 – Getting Visible with Podcast Community with Guest Danielle Desir

Episode 67 – Maximizing Your SEO Visibility Season with Guest Mischelle O’Neal

Episode 68 – Should You Focus on SEO or Facebook Ads with Guest La’Shonda DeBrew

Episode 69 – Getting Visible in a Crowded Market with Guest LaShayla Simpson

Episode 71 – The Business of Creating your Brand with Guest Stephanie Arnold

Episode 72 – Growing Engaging Groups with Sandra De Freitas

Episode 76 – The Mindset Blocks that are Stopping your SEO

Episode 79 – Manage Your Money as an Entrepreneur with Guest Belinda Rosenblum

Episode 80 – Growing a Successful Business with Guest Tasha Booth

Episode 81 – Building a Sustainable Business Model with Membership Sites – Guest Stu McLaren

Episode 82 – Keep Your Business On Track this Summer

Episode 87 – Are You a Coach and Don’t Know it Yet with Guest Kim McCarter

Episode 90 – Healthy Boundaries in Your Business Are Important

Episode 94 – Pivots, Pregnancy and Pandemic with Guest Brittany Raji Alberty

Episode 96 – The Worst Podcast Pitches I’ve Received

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