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Stop sitting at Tyler Perry’s Table and Make Your Own

Stop sitting at Tyler Perry's Table and Make Your Own importance of brand influencer and online marketing business to build their own table and create content

This episode is a little different from our usual content. I had to take a break in our schedule just share this message with you guys because it is so important to the way I see many of us showing up or not showing up in our businesses. Especially for small businesses that are looking to be brand influencers, digital marketing agencies, and thought leaders in our niches.

At the recent BET Awards Famous Movie Producer, Director, Mogul Tyler Perry made a profound speech about how and why he has taken the route he has in his rise to fame and what he would encourage everyone trying to do something different to do.

Here’s the clip is you missed it:

Tyler urged us all to own our stuff, make our own way, and in his words “build your own table”. But here’s the thing, the next day as everyone was celebrating and sharing this message; they were doing the exact opposite of what Tyler told us, instead of making our own table many people quickly rushed and took a seat at his.

In this episode, I talk about why this is such a problematic epidemic for business owners and how we can start using Tyler’s message to grow our business and like he said build our own table.

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