Wouldn't it be nice to bring the knowledge of SEO Magic to your Audience

Listen to how I can help you provide valuable content and enhance the experience for your paid community!

Are you running a paid group and you want to give your members more value, but you don't know how?

  • We all know SEO is a confusing topic that many people want to learn more about, but they don't know where to start.
  • And your members are probably asking questions about SEO and you want to provide them answers. 

This is where guest training sessions can help you. They can help provide the extra value that will make people stick around longer, get more out of your program, and give this information that need to be even more successful in their business. 

This an Unique Opportunity for you...

to partner with Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, author of My SEO Workbook, to deliver the training session for you! She will help educate your members on what is SEO, how it can help their business, and answer all of the burning questions they have so they can get started with SEO.

Akilah is an expert in online and search engine optimization (SEO), who will conduct a private live group training session for members of your paid group. In this interactive virtual training event she'll cover everything from content, keywords, backlinks and most important how your group can leverage the benefits and use SEO to grow their business. 

When you work with Akilah you get years of SEO and Online business knowledge. You get best practices in SEO used by large corporations and million dollar entrepreneurs.  You get fun, exciting, and engaging experience for you and your members to learn from and enjoy.

A Seen At ..

Akilah has appeared in many of the top membership communities, conferences, schools, and publications

Akilah Thompkins Robinson features in Search Engine Journal

Here’s what's include when you book a group training session....

Live Virtual Session

You will present with Akilah, you can determine if you'd like to do live with your members present or prerecord to share with your members later  

(Please contact for In Person Rates)

Clear Actionable Steps and direction

Akilah not only tells you what is SEO and what you need to know about how to do well in the search rankings, but she'll also give actionable steps on the best way for members to state putting this training to use. 

Full Rights to use and re-use the recorded video

With these sessions you have the right to use the recording in over and over in your paid programs and membership portal

Use of Akilah's name and likeness to promote your product

You don't have to keep this great session a secret with this paid session you also have the rights to list Akilah's name and phono as a guest expert in your program and use on promotional material 

Here’s what people are saying about Akilah's trainings

Akilah has done Guest Expert Sessions in many programs and community owners like Sistas in Business University, Jennifer Allwood, Stu McLaren, and even on stage at James Wedmore's BBD Live

Here's some of the feedback from past trainings with Akilah

Choose from 3 Session Types

You can choose a session type to fit the needs of your program and your members


SEO Fireside Chat- 60 mins

This session includes a 10-15 min overview on SEO followed by Full Q&A to answer any questions from the host and members, This session is great if you know a little about SEO but have a lot of questions to clarify what you know and talk about how it can work for you.


SEO Training - 90 mins 

This is a traditional teaching/training session. Akilah will do a 60 mins slide presentation going through all of the main areas of SEO and concluded the session with 30  min Q&A to answer questions about the presentation or any other questions the audience may have


SEO Workshop- 200 mins

This is a good half-day workshop where Akilah will do an overview of SEO and include hands-on exercises and site reviews to help members put the training into action while we are in the session.

Add Ons

You can super size your groups experience with these add-ons!

In addition to the amazing live session Akilah provides, you can choose from these add on services to enhance the session. 

2 weeks Group Support
Get help after the live 

After the initial session Akilah will spend 2 weeks in you FB group interacting with members and answering any additional questions that come up while they are implementing 

Custom Handout
Get homework

Akilah will create a guide with prompts and exercises to work through some of the material covered.  Akilah usually offers her free SEO Guide to participants but with this option you can choose to add something a little more personalized and interactive. 

SIte/Content Reviews
Get expert Feedback

Add on an additional 30 mins on to your session to give extra time for Akilah to do live site and content reviews. Your group will get expert eyes on their sites and get steps that they should take to maximize their SEO

(30mins allows for 3-4 site reviews)

Hi I'm Akilah Thompkins Robinson

I've worked in IT and Web for over 17 years and in my own business achieved 10s of thousands of hits to my websites, 135K downloads to my podcast, sold 1000s of books, and countless other awards all using the content and traffic strategies I'm going to share with you and your members in our session. 

Find out why your content isn't getting the traction and results your deserve with us.

  • Author of My SEO Workbook 
  • host Girl Get Visible Podcast, which listed as one of the top SEO podcast.
  • Creator My SEO Writer Software

Other Programs and Stages Akilah have been on

Over the past 10 years Akilah has spoken on 100s stages and programs virtually and in person. Here are a few please you may have seen Akilah speak.

  • Sistas in Business University
  • Jennifer Allwood's Inner Circle
  • Stu McLaren's Tribe Membership
  • James Wedmore's BBD Live
  • DC PodFest 2019
  • Steven's Institute of Technology
  • Saint Elizabeth University

  • Global Podfest 2021

Be the leader who brings continuous value and access to your community!!!

Bringing in unique and engaging content from industry leaders will level up your member's experience, encourage them to remain members longer because of the value you give, and solidify your position as the authority who can connect them to the resources that need.

All for a fraction of what they would pay to hire a 1:1 SEO Coach  or get SEO services.

Book a SEO Expert Session for your Group Now

**note the date and time you choose below will the time of the session, zoom links and other info will follow the booking

Provide your members with the answers they need so they can get started with SEO today!!!


What Happens After I book my session?

You can use the scheduling form about to pick the session, add-ons, date and time of your session. During check out you will be asked a few questions about your group and any specific goals for the session. You'll receive automatic links from Acuity after you book, and an email from our team with in 48 hrs. On the day of the sessions we will jump on 10 mins before the call and will be ready to go live at the start of the event.

I'd like to purchase the my SEO Workbook for my members?

GREAT!!! When you complete the form after booking please indicate the  number of books you will need. The books will be invoiced separately at $7.50 per book plus shipping. All books will be mailed to one location and you are in charge of distribution to your members. 

I need a date and Time that is not on the schedule, can I still book?  

Please contact heygirl@girlgetvisible.com and we can discuss alternate time slots.

Can I reschedule or refund my session? 

Sessions can be rescheduled from the original date up to 2 times, they must be rescheduled with in 48 hrs. of the event.

If you need to cancel the event you must cancel with in 5 days of the event for a full refund, after that you will receive a 50% refund to cover the prep work that is completed prior to the event. 

Why don't you do these sessions for free and to just get exposure? 

I like to focus on serving your audience and not selling your audience when I do these guest expert sessions.  I often find that when a person is enrolled and engaged in one paying program they are less likely to enroll in other programs. I deliver customized training and education sessions that are not laced with sales pitches and selling triggers to try to enroll the audience into my products. I do mention a free download at the end (if it is allowed) but there is no hard sales during the presentation.

I do offer free engagements for public free events such as podcast interviews, free summits, clubhouse rooms, some conferences etc. but for private training in a paid program or community there is a fee.
If you'd like to learn more about free speaking opportunity please email heygirl@girlgetvisible.com

A note from Akilah

I've spent the the last few years helping female business owners use their expertise and knowledge to get found in search and become authorities in their niche. 

Understanding how to make your content, SEO, and technology work together to attract the right audience has been the single driving factor in my business success and I'd love to share it with you and your community. 

I'm looking forward to working with you and helping your sites to be someone's #1 in search.


Girl Get Visible

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