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Listen to this before you Start Your Membership

3 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Membership Site Is starting a membership on your list for 2024? Before you start make sure you listen to this. I’ve had 2 successful memberships and now event use some of the membership concepts I’ve learned for my SAAS community. Throughout the journey, I’ve experienced the good, the bad, […]

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Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses

Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses. Akilah Thompkins-Robinson SEO Assist Girl Get Visible

If you’re an entrepreneur who has been tirelessly working on getting ROI from your marketing efforts but still not seeing the desired results, it’s time for a reality check. Perhaps what you need is not another flashy ad or catchy slogan, but a deeper understanding of how customers find and choose businesses like yours online. […]

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The Power Of Consistent Content Creation: Learnings From Alex Hormozi’s Book Launch

The Power Of Consistent Content Creation: Learnings From Alex Hormozi $100 M Lead book launch- girl get visible by akilah thompkins-robins

When it comes to online entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of selling courses, content is king. And no one exemplifies this better than Alex Hormozi. With a following that boasts 1.5 million subscribes on YouTube, 1.5 M on Instagram, and 736K followers on Tik Tok. But to go with those massive followers number he also […]

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Should Course Creators and Coaches focus on SEO (Video)

Should Course Creators and Coaches focus on SEO-video

Most course creators and business coaches struggle with deciding if they should use SEO in their marketing strategy or stick with social media or ads to drive their business traffic. In this video, I share why this decision should be a no-brainer but also why you should focus on SEO first. SEO doesn’t only help […]

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1 Healthy Boundaries In Your Business Are Important

Girl get Visible podcast Setting Healthy Boundaries in your Business

In this episode, we talk a little about setting healthy boundaries in your small business. I know It’s hard to set boundaries when you love your business, love helping your customers, and overall love what you do. Especially if you’re a course creator, executive business coach, membership sites owner small business IT or Marketing consulting, […]

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