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Top Episodes of 2020

episode 74 top episodes of 2020

Hitting 100K downloads……. If I could describe 2020 in one word, I would say it was UNPREDICTABLE! Not only because of all the events that occurred but there was so much that happened for us, the Girl Get Visible podcast family. This episode is a reflection of this years’ wins and lessons, including pointing out […]

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Podcast Show notes that will increase your downloads

podcast show notes, show notes for podcast, podcast show notes template

Many entrepreneurs need help with creating podcast show notes that add value and increase help to increase their downloads. Podcast show notes are important because creating good show notes will help your episodes get found in the search engine and drive traffic to your website. In today’s episode, I walk you through my podcast show notes template and I go […]

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Are you ready for passive income?

are you ready for passive income

How can you become mentally prepared for passive income. HEY GUYS – We’re Back! After coming from a mini summer break, I couldn’t wait to dive into this topic about passive income. As we start to emerge and embrace what is considered the “new normal”, entrepreneurs and business owners are becoming more interested in different […]

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