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Meet Tonya

Tonya has used her SEO knowledge to get featured 

Meet LiSA

Lisa was able to help her business and her clients 

Meet raven & Mischelle

Hear how the both god clearer on their business and where able to reach their audience


Ashley got clarity on how she should be speaking to her audience and gained SEO confidence along the way 

We don't just get SEO results we are building Platforms and Products too....

Look at what our members have done just this year..


Launched new membership sites & business


Created new Podcasts and YouTube channels


Features and interviews on podcast and blogs

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A little more about me...

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson is an SEO Strategist, Author, and Tech Founder.  
She is the author My SEO Workbook and creator of SEO Assist App. For years Akilah has helped others learn SEO and how to leverage traffic and online visibility to grow their audience. Akilah has been a speaker at conference such as BBD Live, Afros and Audio Podcast Conference Global Pod Fest 2020 and many more. 

What makes me different?

My unique approach to business and SEO focuses on knowing your audience, your business, and where the 2 meet in search. I specialize in helping course creators, coaches, membership site owners, podcasters and other business that use their voice and share their knowledge and expertise in their products and content. I help you implement what we teach, and teach you the things you need for your individual business is what helps our clients get results.

This isn't a one size fits all solution, we help you find the right size and put it on LOL.

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