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Amplifying Authority: LinkedIn Top Voices Wisdom for Entrepreneurs and Professional Women from Michele Heyward

Amplifying Authority: LinkedIn Top Voices Wisdom for Entrepreneurs and Professional Women from Michele Heyward- Girl Get Visible Podcast

Today’s episode we are jumping into a topic that has been buzzing in the LinkedIn community – LinkedIn Voices. LinkedIn isn’t just a tool for job searchers anymore it has morphed into a social network for professionals, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and so much more. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job if you […]

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Getting into Google vs. Getting Found in Google

Online business owners! If you’re navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, this episode is tailor-made for you. We’re diving into the world of SEO, unraveling the nuances between merely existing on Google and truly being found by your ideal audience. In today’s online marketing space, having an online presence isn’t just about being on […]

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Breaking the Selfish Content Cycle: Insights from Nokia’s Mistake and Stanley’s Success

Breaking the Selfish Content Cycle: Insights from Nokia's Mistake and Stanley's Success- Girl Get Visible SEO Content marketing podcast with host Akilah Thompkins-Robinson of SEO Assist

Welcome to the first episode of our 2024 season, this episode we dig into the critical importance of innovation, audience understanding, and the dangers of content complacency for content creators and entrepreneurs. aka creating selfish content. This episode draws lessons from the tales of two brands in the newsfeeds right now, Nokia and Stanley, to […]

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Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses

Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses. Akilah Thompkins-Robinson SEO Assist Girl Get Visible

If you’re an entrepreneur who has been tirelessly working on getting ROI from your marketing efforts but still not seeing the desired results, it’s time for a reality check. Perhaps what you need is not another flashy ad or catchy slogan, but a deeper understanding of how customers find and choose businesses like yours online. […]

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Leveraging AI in Your Business: Lessons from Tech Industry Leaders at Propelify Innovation Festival 2023

SEO Assist and Girl Get. Visible Founder Akilah Thompkins-Robinson at Propelify Innovation Festival 2023 Hoboken NJ Tech Business Events

Are you still researching ways to use AI in your thought leadership business and to help your clients? Maybe spinning about all of the ways to innovate with this new technology? Last Week I attended the Propelify Innovation Festival an annual tech conference hosted by Tech United here in NJ. This year’s festival was all […]

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The Power Of Consistent Content Creation: Learnings From Alex Hormozi’s Book Launch

The Power Of Consistent Content Creation: Learnings From Alex Hormozi $100 M Lead book launch- girl get visible by akilah thompkins-robins

When it comes to online entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of selling courses, content is king. And no one exemplifies this better than Alex Hormozi. With a following that boasts 1.5 million subscribes on YouTube, 1.5 M on Instagram, and 736K followers on Tik Tok. But to go with those massive followers number he also […]

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Everything you need to know about seasonal content


“Don’t wait until November to start putting your seasonal content out” As the holiday season slowly emerges, all entrepreneurs are aware that this could be the busiest time of their business. During this time, we try to find the best way to engage our audience and provide them with content and products that is beneficial […]

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Bringing Excitement to almost any topic with Nicole Braham

Let’s Bring Excitement to Entrepreneur Finances As entrepreneurs, it is important to build a sustainable business that keeps the cash flow going, while also achieving all the goals we have for ourselves. With consistent SEO and Visibility strategies, your business is going to boom, so your next step is to easily track your finances, without […]

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