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Best Affiliate Programs for Content Creators and Faceless Marketers

Dive into the world of affiliate income with our in-depth analysis of the top affiliate programs for

Affiliate marketing remains one of the best strategies for generating income, and recently it has grown even more as an income stream for people who want to get into “faceless” online marketing businesses.

Affiliate programs allow you to promote products you already use and recommend and make a commission from them. I particularly like Affiliate programs for SaaS tools because they often offer recurring payments, meaning you get paid every month that the person who signed up continues to use them. They are also easy to market just by showing people how you use them in your own business.

Here are a few great examples to show you how you can use these tools in your marketing and effortlessly make affiliate sales

Affiliate programs are great if you want to have a full business recommending products or if you want to offer the recommendations alongside your other products

Affiliates are great products to promote if you want to create a faceless marketing channel because people are focused more on the tools and how you use them and less on the person, and you can create a lot of content showing screen shares, tips for using, even creating templates to help them use it faster all without having your face on camera.

With so much room for opportunity with Affiliate Income selecting the right affiliate programs becomes crucial for ease of promotion and consistent revenue streams is key. In this post, I’ll share the insights and lessons I’ve learned doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years, and I’ll share a few tools I recommend especially for “faceless marketers” because you can use the tools to create for your business and still get affiliate income for recommending what you use to others. It’s an easy Win-Win

SEO Assist (40% recurring commission)

SEO Assist is a Content planning and creation tool, it is great for content, writing and helping you come up with topic ideas and repurposing your blog or longer form content into smaller content, also taking smaller content and making it longer content.

How to use SEO in your faceless business:

SEO Assist is also great for faceless sites because pretty much it can help you plan out the content that will attract you audience and let you create some of the written content using its tools. It can also help you repurpose existing content into social media post, giving you captions, image ideas for your topics and so much more. It’s great for helping you create content to sell and promote products you can also use it to create PLR content of your own.  SEO Assist is invaluable for creating diversified content, from social media posts to long-form articles. It’s especially advantageous for faceless channels, as it delivers content strategies without the need for on-camera presence.

The SEO Assist’s affiliate program

SEO Assist has one of the highest commission rates of most software platforms at 40% for the first 2 years the user is active. You don’t have to be a user of SEO Assist to sign up for the affiliate program, and they pay monthly recurring revenue for as long as the person is still using the software.

Opus Clips (25% Commision)

Opus Clips, a video content segmentation tool. It effortlessly slices longer videos into bite-sized clips suitable for various social platforms. Opus Clips does for videos what SEO Assist does with words. It is one of the best tools out there for taking long videos and making them into short clips with captions etc. This one is a must-have for anyone creating videos it takes hours off my repurposing time.

How to use Opus Clips to help your Faceless brand

Opus Clips can also help you make content for your faceless channel by letting you get clips from any video on the web even if it’s on YouTube and other platforms. It great for making quick content.

The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is 25% recurring.  As a “faceless marketer,” promoting Opus Clips can be lucrative, given its practicality and user-friendly interface that caters to the current short-form video trend.

Book Bolt (25% Commission and you can create a 20% off coupon for your audience)

Book Bolt is a book layout and writing software perfect for making low and medium-content books for KDP. They are popular for their pre-made layouts and puzzle makers enabling you to make crossword puzzles, word search books, and sudoku books with ease.

How to use Book Bolt for your faceless brand

So far, the tools we’ve talked about focus on helping you making marketing material, but this one can help you make the actual products that you plan to sell, enabling marketers to craft and sell their own creations.

Book Bolt stands out in this category. This tool is exemplary for designing low-content books, such as journals or puzzle books, which are in high demand. The simplicity of creating engaging printable content with Book Bolt can be a significant selling point to your audience. As a “faceless marketer,” you can earn multiple streams of income by utilizing the tool for your projects and earning affiliate commissions by recommending it to others.

The Affiliate Program

Book Bolt has a generous 25% recurring commission. This means you can earn for the lifetime that someone uses the tool. This is great if you have a community of creators that sign up with your link you get paid each month to support them. Another, really nice perk of the Book Bolt Affiliate program is they let you create a 20% off coupon to share with your audience.   

Hello Audio (25% Commission)

Another favorite affiliate program and tool to mention is Hello Audio. This platform revolutionizes the way we consume content by transforming it into private podcast formats. Hello Audio.  It’s great to way to create digital products and courses, offering a unique auditory learning experience. As an affiliate, highlighting how Hello Audio diversifies content delivery can resonate with your audience, leading to more sign-ups and sustained income through its recurring commission structure.

How to use Hello Audio for your Faceless Marketing Brand

Hello Audio, is another great tool to use to make products for your faceless brand you can create audio courses, audiobooks, and even sell guided meditations right from the platform.

Affiliate Program

Hello Audio’s affiliate program is only available to Hello Audio users, but it offers a generous 25% recurring commission, with plans going up to $99 a month you could easily make $25 a month for every sign-up. This is a great deal and even better if you’re already offering products through the platform too. It’s a win-win to earn 2 ways from their platform.

  • Learn More Hello Audio:

Best way to promote these affiliate programs, offer solutions That Meet you audiences’ needs

The final lesson is to focus on promoting tools that fulfill an existing demand. Software that simplifies business processes or offers cost-effective solutions is often sought after by entrepreneurs and content creators alike. They are easy to sell in addition to your other courses and products because people always need tools to help them create and promote the things they plan to sell. As a “faceless marketer” you can easily showcase how these tools integrate seamlessly into business operations, providing value to your audience without the hard sell. By aligning with their needs, your recommendations become more than just promotional content; they become genuine advice from a trusted advisor.

Sign up for these affiliate programs and leverage their potential to elevate your “faceless” brand. Start selling not just products but solutions that make life easier for your audience.

Remember, the key to successful affiliate marketing lies in the alignment between the products you promote and the content you create. When these two elements work in harmony, your marketing efforts become less about selling and more about helping, which is the essence of true value.

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