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Evergreen Marketing: Turning Best Posts Into Greatest Content

In the world of content creation, there’s a big question that we all have to face at some point: “How is that amazing post I shared last week helping my business today?” Or even more challenging, “What about that one from last month that garnered so much engagement on day 1 but has since become a ghost town?” The reality is, that while social media can be fun and rewarding in the moment, it often fails to deliver long-term results. As course creators and coaches who use content to attract audiences to our business, maximizing your time and effort during the content creation process is really important, that’s where the importance of repurposing your content comes into play.

Let me share a personal story with you. There was this time when I spent hours crafting an engaging post for my social media page. It did exceptionally well on day 1 – likes, shares, comments…you name it! But as days turned into weeks and then months, its appeal dwindled until it became just another forgotten post in the sea of content.

That’s when I realized something crucial – instead of constantly creating ‘fluff stuff’ to feed algorithms or satisfy short-term metrics like likes or shares, why not transform our best stuff into evergreen assets? These are pieces of content that remain relevant over time and continue driving traffic and engagement long after they’ve been published.

This realization led me to develop a strategy behind wanting to stay on social while also focusing on what should go up on your website as evergreen blogs. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness in this process, I used tools that automate turning temporary posts into lasting blog articles. The key here was structuring this new content properly so it could easily be found through search engines – making it part of an evergreen marketing strategy.

The result? Just like Lauren who managed to have over a month’s worth of content done in just a few hours following these strategies! And guess what? You can do it too!

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This brings us to our Authority Elevation week starting April 15th where we’ll show you how to turn your best posts into your greatest content. The challenge is action-packed, and you won’t just learn how to do it – you’ll actually get things done.

Remember, we’re not just pouring our heart, soul, time, resources, and even money into creating social media content for the sake of it. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment from all of that content we’re creating. During Authority Elevation week we are going to dig into maximizing your existing content with these 5 steps – transforming your hard-earned social media posts into evergreen assets that continue working for you on your website.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste – join us and unlock the full potential of your content today! Reserve your spot now!