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Life after the Kickstarter Campaign: Part 3 Journey to KickStarter Series

In this episode, I wrap up the 3rd part of our 3 part series on funding and launching your product on Kickstarter.Part 1 I talked about creating the Kickstarter Campaign Part 2 we talk about promoting the Kickstarter campaign and what to do get the most backers and build buzz, and now in […]

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9 ways to keep the business moving if Social Media Stopped: Hint Email is not IT

Episode 35 9 way to keep your business moving in facebook outage if social media died

I know you’ve been told grow your business on social, social is where it’s at and all the others things, BUT in the last 6 months major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some others have had some kind of major glitch. In light of Facebook going down and all of the social media outages, […]

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Should you start your podcast now? Things you you want to know before starting your show

podcast for online boutique, online retail, ecommerce

Should you start a podcast? Can a podcast help my retail business? I hear this question at least once a month, should you podcast, how do I podcast, what do I need to know about podcasting. All of the questions. So in this episode, I talk about all the things that I know about podcast. […]

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If You’re Upset about this $17.99 Ironing Water, You’re Focusing on the wrong thing

business retailer lessons from viral ironing water

It started out last night, 1 group, 2 groups and by the time I woke up a bunch of posts in multiple groups talking about damn ironing water. Just like the Tiffany paper clip and  Nordstrom’s $500 dirt jeans all of these posts carry the same message  “if they can charge $17.99  for ironing water, then […]

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Now that your Campaign has Launched: Part 2 Journey to KickStarter Series

odcast Episode31 Now that your Kickstarter Campaign has Launched

In today’s episode, I talk about how it’s going now that we are in full swing with the Kickstarter Campaign for My SEO Workbook. As I was researching Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, I found a lot about how to set it up your campaign but very little about how to make it through the campaign […]

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Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing: How to Make extra money with your Boutique

the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing in your butique

We often hear about creating multiple streams of income and wonder how can that be done for online boutique owners. We think in order to get the multiple streams of income you have to create multiple businesses, websites, ecommerce stores etc. Well don’t worry that’s not exactly true. There is a whole world of affiliate […]

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Blogging for your Online Boutique Checklist

Blogging Checklist for Online Boutiques

Blogging is one of the biggest challenges for my SEO  community, when you are starting your boutique having a blog can help you get visible to new customers without being spammy, create buzz about your new products, and give people great content to share about your boutique. Once your online boutique is open your blog […]

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