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Getting found online is All about the keywords

As an SEO strategist I get tagged a few times a week in SEO and search marketing related post, so I thought it’d help to share this I’ll tell you a secret about key words… Most people try to start with their coaching title or maybe the industry they work with to find keywords and build […]

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6 Ways to Get More Customers to your site with Pictures

get more customers online boutique with pictures

Way too many people try to market their store by posting pictures from the wholesaler, if you’re doing this, stop immediately! You can tell if a picture is from a wholesaler, it’ll be very standard, bland and boring, no personality, or emotion and so many people are using the same photo you look just like […]

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How do I Start a Blog for my Online Boutique

Blogging is essential for any online business these days. It makes getting good SEO results must easier, adds value to customers and clients, shows your expertise, and gives visitors an excuse to stay on your site longer. We talk a lot about blogging here on Online Boutique Source, but no one talks about you should get started. […]

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