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Getting found online is All about the keywords

As an SEO strategist I get tagged a few times a week in SEO and search marketing related post, so I thought it’d help to share this

I’ll tell you a secret about key words…

Most people try to start with their coaching title or maybe the industry they work with to find keywords and build SEO, because of this searches for these are over saturated and it’s hard to rank for them.

But you don’t have to depend on these. Get people before they are searching for the title. You can use all of the work you do to define and identify your target market to get better search words.

When you are looking for words to target ask your self 3 things:

  • How would they identify themselves?
  • How would they describe the problem?
  • What words would the use to find an answer?

Here’s an example from a question I got last week. the person works with behavioral issues with small dogs. Here’s how I’d answer her questions:

  • Her target client may be: a pet lover, dog enthusiast, dog mommy.
  • The problem: dog cries, dog is nervous, dog hides
  • Answer words: how to stop, help with, is this normal

You can use combos of these words in your SEO work, to rank for words people are using search before they even figured out they XYZ job title.

Now that you have 100s of additional word ideas to use, go forth and get found in search 😀


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