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The Government gives out $115B dollars in small biz contracts each year, are you missing out? PART 1 with Adrianne Callahan

23% of Government Contracts are designated for small and minority business owners every year, this amounts to over $115 Billion dollars in contracts a year and that is only at the federal level. Federal, state, and local governments all have various funding that is designated specifically to work certified small businesses and the unfortunate truth […]

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Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing: How to Make extra money with your Boutique

the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing in your butique

We often hear about creating multiple streams of income and wonder how can that be done for online boutique owners. We think in order to get the multiple streams of income you have to create multiple businesses, websites, ecommerce stores etc. Well don’t worry that’s not exactly true. There is a whole world of affiliate […]

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