Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses : Girl Get Visible

Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses

Conversions Over Clicks: A New Approach To SEO For Businesses. Akilah Thompkins-Robinson SEO Assist Girl Get Visible

If you’re an entrepreneur who has been tirelessly working on getting ROI from your marketing efforts but still not seeing the desired results, it’s time for a reality check. Perhaps what you need is not another flashy ad or catchy slogan, but a deeper understanding of how customers find and choose businesses like yours online. This brings us to the magic word: SEARCH, when people need a thing or are looking for a solution they generally seek it out. They don’t wait for it to pop in their news feed or sign up for a webinar weeks away. They search for the answer that is going to get them to where they need to be as soon as possible.

Your online visibility always delivers when people can find you in their time of need. Check out this story from one of my past members:

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The first lesson here is that search visibility always delivers.

But when we talk about visibility in the online marketing world, it’s more than just being seen and posting endlessly on social – it’s about being found by potential customers who are actively searching for solutions that your business can provide. They’re out there on every platform, conducting searches every day.

This matters because these people are already halfway sold on what you have to offer; they’re looking for a solution and all they need is to find the right provider. Your job isn’t to convince them that they need your product or service; rather, it’s to show them that you’re the perfect fit for their needs.

Second lesson: SEO isn’t just about keywords and random blogs

aiming at getting clicks; rather effective SEO focuses on conversions focusing on keywords most likely to turn visitors into customers.

Let me share with you my personal story as an example of how this works in practice. I previously had a greeting card site, the site sold cards for a specific organization. At one time we ranked #6 for Chevron note cards. We got tons of traffic because of this high ranking but there was one problem…

All of our cards had the organization’s information on them, our shoppers were not just someone who loved Chevron note cards but more specifically someone who loved the organization. The result? Lots of traffic but very few actual conversions because my content wasn’t connecting with people who were ready to engage and buy from me.

That’s when I got serious about SEO that converts. SEO wasn’t just about attracting eyeballs; instead, it should be about pulling in genuine prospects ready to do business – people who don’t need convincing or selling because they’ve already identified their problem and are searching for solutions.

This leads us to our third lesson: Understanding customer intent matters in SEO.

This means understanding what your potential customers are looking for, and making sure you’re there to meet them when they’re ready to engage, buy, and most importantly – do the work.

If all of this sounds like something you want to learn more about and put into action in your business, I invite you to join one of our 2-day workshops where we’ll dig deeper into these SEO strategies that are designed not just for visibility but also for conversion. In our workshops, we focus on learning and doing the work on your site and content right there. Checkout our Events Page for the next SEO workshop

It’s time for a visibility breakthrough – it’s time to transform those struggling marketing efforts into successful conversions.