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The business of creating your brand

the business of creating your brand

“We do hard things well” – Excerpt from Stephanie Arnold

Our guest comes today, with a wealth of experience in journalism, strategic coaching, content creation and editorial architecture. Stephanie Arnold, CEO of Wash Creative Strategies is not only a fellow business owner, but also my friend and sorority sister. I was very excited to get her on the show, to speak about visual identity, finding your purpose, her podcast, and her book that should be coming out this month!

A lot of times business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with their visual identity and their brand. This struggle can reduce your chances of visibility and being found by your intended audience. Stephanie shares with us the solution, which is understanding the importance of your business’s visual identity and finding your purpose. So, let’s dive into the business of creating YOUR brand.

No matter the stage your business is in, you can always work on solidifying your brand. Our wonderful guest, Stephanie Arnold talks about one of the most important strategies to creating your brand, which is clearly identifying your brand’s identity. This includes being consistent with your colors, logos and typography, so that it resonates with your audience when they are searching for you.

Also, it is important to remember that content creation is a business and there is not one single way to be successful in how you create content to be successful in your business. Stephanie talks about her podcast, The Business of, which touches on realizing the creativity of others and highlighting the unique ways they have became influential or successful. This information can be a useful resource in seeing the various different ways to create content.

Lastly, Stephanie opens up about her upcoming book, Break Up to Come Up: 8 Lessons to Navigate any relationship like a boss, which provides a first look into her personal life and how her experiences are relevant to her business. As an entrepreneur trying to create your brand, it is important to remember that everything in your life is connected, from your purpose, your business, and your personal relationships. At some point you have to identify what does not relate with your brand & purpose.

So think about this:

  • Are you having trouble with the branding of your business?
  • Is your brand’s identity clearly identified?
  • Are you concerned about your visibility to your audience?
  • Have you reinvested in yourself and business?

The information provided by Stephanie would provide applicable resources and examples to help with the successful creation of your brand.

Within this episode, we also spoke about some of Stephanie Arnold’s recommendations and favorites:

Recommended Book: Upstream: How to solve problems before they happen by Dan Heath

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Favorite Software Program: Acquity

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Stephanie Arnold CEO of Wash Creative Strategies where she specializes in strategic coaching, content creation and editorial architecture for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Her suite of services include social media management and analytics, writing for publication, web branding and visual identity, and content management and development. Wash serves businesses at every stage of development.