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Podcast SEO

Podcasts and SEO just go together.

Did you know that podcasting is one of three sustainable places to make your content?

Podcast SEO is extremely important and has gained an immense increase in attraction online and within the business community. Even major companies are expanding their products to host and invest into the podcast community. I’ve been within the podcast space for years, and it still shocks me when I find out SEO is not being used. People are really struggling, because although SEO is pretty old and podcasting is old, no one is marrying the two. The best way for podcasters to grow and be seen is by using SEO, because with SEO, we intentionally make content our audience is looking for. It is no longer enough to post a show or have many episodes, there has to be intention behind it.

Now, this increase in investment around podcast SEO, can be seen as both positive and not so great due to the increased competition. However, using SEO with your podcast works and we must start acknowledging it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What podcast SEO is?
  • Why is it important as a podcaster to use podcast SEO?
  • How is the podcast community growing and why is it both good and not so good?
  • What are the things that impact your SEO?

Remember, don’t close yourself off to more opportunities, by not using SEO for your podcast.

BONUS: Here is the free SEO Podcast Scorecard to help you to see if your podcast show is doing well with integrating SEO.


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  • Want to know how visible your podcast really is, then check out Podseeker, the tool that allows you to see how many downloads your show is getting.