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Podcast Show notes that will increase your downloads

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Many entrepreneurs need help with creating podcast show notes that add value and increase help to increase their downloads. Podcast show notes are important because creating good show notes will help your episodes get found in the search engine and drive traffic to your website.

In today’s episode, I walk you through my podcast show notes template and I go in-depth about how entrepreneurs can benefit from creating podcast show notes with SEO in mind.

This the process I’ve used to get over 113k downloads even though I’ve only had 73 episodes. These downloads have been largely in part due to the SEO and show notes process I’ve created that continues to get episodes found and downloaded long after they have been published.

I thought this was important to talk about in this episode because Show notes are one of the main ways people find new podcasts to listen and good shows will help you grow your podcast downloads much fasters.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • what you should put in your show notes?
  • Why you shouldn’t use podcast transcripts in your show notes?
  • how to write show notes that increase downloads?
  • the big mistakes podcasters make with their podcast show notes

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