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You want to get on the Clubhouse App, Now what?

You want to get on the Clubhouse App, Now what? invite business success brand voice online

The latest new platform everyone is bussing about is the Clubhouse app. Your first thought might be….

What is the Clubhouse App?

It’s an ultra-chic, audio-based social platform filled with movers and shakers driven by conversations with thought leaders, tech gurus, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. has called the Clubhouse app “The latest app du jour is a social network centered on talking”

You know how we talk about getting into the room and having a seat at the table.


But there is a catch to get in, it’s super exclusive and invite-only. Initially, only 1500 invites were released, and as the months have passed on a few 100 slots have been opened and you have to be invited by a current member to get in.

A lot of people are clamoring right now to get an invite and get in these rooms, but the big question is what will you say when you get there?
Thought leaders don’t sit on the sidelines listening, they share their thoughts.

To give you a behind the scenes look I also created this quick video to show you what it looks like in the Clubhouse:

Also, Shelly Bell created this great list on how to Monetize Clubhouse (yes, that’s my pic you see in her screenshot, LOL)

Believe me, the app is where it’s at, for now, think Periscope the early days.

How do you get ready to be in these rooms?

On a platform driven by conversation, to be successful and be seen you will have to come with something good to say and talk about. Using your voice is going to be more important in a space like this. Even getting an invite requires you to know people, stand out, and use your voice to get it.

From the looks of it right now. The Clubhouse isn’t going to work well for wallflowers and lurkers. Success on the platform is going to take a lot of standing up and being accounted for.

Here are some questions I’d say to ask yourself before jumping into the Clubhouse App:

  • What message do your brand and your voice give right now?
  • Are you posting memes and pics but never really sharing what makes you different?
  • Do you have a specific audience and a unique value proposition?
  • Are you only claiming how you help people but not sharing any helpful content?
  • Do you have a platform of your own (website, YouTube, podcast) or are you waiting for someone to put you on theirs?
  • Do you get into groups and programs and site back and watch or stand up and share your experience?
  • Are you a consumer of the world of content or a contributor?

Your answers to these questions will let you know if the Clubhouse is really the right place for you right now.

If you want the dope connections and engaging conversations that are in there, the Clubhouse platform is going to require you to be different, be vocal, be more than the fly on the wall.

There is a bright side if you’re still waiting for your invite.

The bright side is you don’t have to wait for that invite to get started sharing your voice.

We talk every day on GGV and GGV podcasts about ways to share your experience, share your business, and share how amazing you are.

You can start now. Use your website, your YouTube channel, start a podcast to start sharing your message now so people can begin to find you and follow you.

Don’t depend on social alone to get your voice out there, every big name with a following also has an off social home base for people to follow them too.

Don’t sit around and wait to be invited, build your own table like Tyler Perry says.

And we say here are Girl Get Visible “Get Out There, Get Found, and Get Visible”.

Making the most of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a great platform for quick when and making connections but you also want to make sure you take the content and information off of clubhouse and on to one of your sustainable content platforms like blog, podcast, or youtube to get the long-term benefits and SEO advantages. You can do this a few ways:

  • Write a blog about the same topic your discussed on Clubhouse
  • Record the Club house room and make a podcast episode
  • Video yourseld while you are talking on clubhouse
  • Do a blog post on the recap of the room