Should Course Creators and Coaches focus on SEO (Video) : Girl Get Visible

Should Course Creators and Coaches focus on SEO (Video)

Should Course Creators and Coaches focus on SEO-video

Most course creators and business coaches struggle with deciding if they should use SEO in their marketing strategy or stick with social media or ads to drive their business traffic. In this video, I share why this decision should be a no-brainer but also why you should focus on SEO first.

SEO doesn’t only help drive traffic for coaches and courses creators but in a niche where your expertise and knowledge are important SEO helps

  • Establish your expertise online
  • build credibilty as a thought leader
  • convert clients and students who are deciding on your product
  • give you a platform for speaking, media, podcst and other opportunities

Burning questions coaches have about SEO

in the video, I answer business questions like:

  • do coaches need seo
  • how can SEO help you sell your ownlone course
  • When you should uses SEO in coaching and course business
  • how seo can help you get regular leads and help you list building efforts leading to your programs

Check out the video….