Branding, Building, and of course Selling your Products with Arsha Jones- Part 1 : Girl Get Visible

Branding, Building, and of course Selling your Products with Arsha Jones- Part 1

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In this episode we talk with Arsha Jones of Brand Build Sell and the owner of 2 amazing brands  Tees in the Trap and Capital City Mumbo Sauce about building  phenomenal brands and the true roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.

This episode was so juicy I’ve split into 2 parts so you don’t miss a nugget.

In this episode you’ll learn

In Part 1 of this episode Arsha digs deep into

  • her road to success with both of her brands
  • the triumphs and trials of getting national media attention in outlets like the Washington Post
  • how she strategically positioned her brands to be the tops in their niche
  • the lessons she learned starting a business from idea to concept
  • hw she found and approached online influencers to market her brands

Find Part 2 Here 

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About Arsha

Arsha Jones is a creative soul with a penchant for marketing, sales, technology, social media, and popular culture. An emerging leader in the e-commerce industry, she has built multiple, highly profitable brands, one of which has seen revenues approaching a million dollars in less than two years.

Known for her quiet demeanor and business prowess, Arsha’s brands have been featured in or on media outlets such as Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, FOX, CBS, and TV One. Her website, is where she endeavors to teach others how to turn their passions into profit with physical products. When not building her e-commerce empire, you can find Arsha spending time with her husband and children, enjoying a juicy nap or delicious bowl of ice cream.