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Healthy Boundaries In Your Business Are Important

Girl get Visible podcast Setting Healthy Boundaries in your Business

In this episode, we talk a little about setting healthy boundaries in your small business. I know It’s hard to set boundaries when you love your business, love helping your customers, and overall love what you do. Especially if you’re a course creator, executive business coach, membership sites owner small business IT or Marketing consulting, or any of these business models where your goal is to help and serve others.

For us, boundary setting can be really difficult but setting healthy boundaries can also help with managing burnout and overall delivering better service to our clients and members.

A few episodes ago I talked about how SEO can help with overcoming Burnout and Overwhelm in your business and today I want to talk about how boundaries can help as well.

Boundaries are one of the most important things in a business especially in a small business where you can easily get burnt out overwhelmed and you’re often the one doing everything including answering messages, making content, doing the work, and serving clients it’s easy to become overwhelmed and bogged down in your business.

I’ve recently had a few situations come up in my business that made me have to set some new boundaries and reevaluate some of the ones I had. I share some of those stories in this episode because I’m sure you’ll probably see and feel some of these stories happening in your own business. You may not even realize that you need to set some boundaries or your boundaries are being pushed.

This topic is important all year round but especially during this time of year. It gets it it’s hard when you love your client and you love your work. It’s easy to get lost and do it all the time, but there’s always gonna be a time when you don’t necessarily have it in you to do all the work, or maybe you are busy or just trying to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor and you’d like to maybe not have to work and not do so much work, and then you realize that because you didn’t set clear boundaries people are still calling you texting you sending you a friend request and a bunch other things online so.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • signs you need more or new boundaries in your busines
  • how boundaries help you with managing and overcoming burnout
  • some great executive business coaching tips on the types of boundaries to setting your business
  • how to communicate and enforce your boundaries effectively
  • most importantly how to stick to them so that you don’t fall into the overwhelmed and hating your business trap that happens when people don’t set the proper boundaries

enjoy the episode

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