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How SEO can help against business BURNOUT

At a time such as this where a lot of things are happening in the world, the chances of you burning out as a business owner/entrepreneur has increased. As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I felt that it was extremely important to share tips on how I’ve managed to not fall into the burnout hamster wheel using, you guessed it —— SEO! I want to provide helpful insight to you in this moment, as a coach and fellow business owner.

Burnout can be seen as (1) feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion and/or (2) increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism related to one’s job (World Health Organization).

Our business is our job and we have to make sure that we conserve our energy, focus on our mental health and be proactive with targeting feelings of negativity towards our business. Burnout does not happen at a certain success level and it does not choose the person it wants to target, it just happens.

  • Do you ever just feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you ever feel like you have lost interest in your business or clients and do not know why?
  • Do you know what burnout is and what it feels like?
  • Have you ever wondered how SEO can manage, prepare and maintain your business against burnout?

In this episode, I touch on each of these areas with examples as to why it’s important to focus on ways to combat burnout, before it is too late.

 My SEO Workbook is discussed in this particular episode because it provides all the necessary tools to achieve the goals of SEO, which ultimately is the leverage needed to avoid burnout. Let’s make the first step to transform your business!

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