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Boosting Business Growth with Content First

About this episode:

In this episode of the Girl Get Visible Podcast, we will be discussing ways to manage your content for SEO and how to boost your business growth. As I search through social media platforms and speak with my clients, there is a problem of really great content being lost in the ripples of the quick and “dirty” platforms. Dirty not in the sense of unclean, but in the sense of us continuously using UNSUSTAINABLE platforms as our way to engage with our audience. The reason your business cannot get the support, the traffic or make the income you want, is because we are not adding content on sustainable platforms. We create content, without strategically deciding on where to put content first, which is where we make the greatest mistake.

Sustainable platforms like websites or blog posts will boost your business and increase its success. So, we should spend more time taking advantage of these platforms, then share our content for the world to consume. We get real in this episode and provide the answer to the questions above!

Check out this Book:

In this episode I talk about managing profits and I do mention a really great book to look into! Profit First: Transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine, written by Mike Michalowicz is a self-help classic for entrepreneurs. It provides simple and counterintuitive cash management solutions that will help you break out of the “feast and famine” mode, another topic discussed briefly in this episode.