I created a software company, maybe you should too : Girl Get Visible

I created a software company, maybe you should too

creating a software saas company becoming a female founder Akilah Thompkins robinson girl get visible podcast

In today’s episode, Akilah Thompkins-Robinson goes in deep and talks about her journey creating a Software as a service (saas) company and why she thinks in the next few years more course creators, membership site owners, and entrepreneurs will want/need to think about how they can create tools to help their audience get more work done. 

When Akilah created My SEO Writer (now named SEO Assist), she wanted to set herself apart from the competition and bring about a tool that really helped her audience move forward and get work done.

Akilah answers questions about the tech and non-tech skills needed to create and bring to market a new tool

How she’s dealt with imposter syndrome as a new founder

Being a female founder  

And what entrepreneurs need to get started creating their own no-code or low code software solutions.

Using her corporate tech skills for her existing business what helped and what did not

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