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Maximizing the Sale: How I made $10k with greeting cards

Podcast Episode 36 Maximizing the Sale

Last year I did a thing!!!

I took my little purchase “one item at a time” greeting card business from an average cart value (ACV) of $20 to  an ACV of $120, and in the process grossing $10K in greeting cards sales less than 3 months last year.

In this episode I walk you through the process I used to maximize sales and increase profit, all without chasing after a bunch of new customers.

In this epsisode, you’ll learn:

  • One of my favorite tools I used to set this all up, Clickfunnels that helped make this whole process work.
  • How I chose the products I used to get the sales, and how I can do it over and over again
  • How niching down my audience super-sized my results
  • And of course how you can duplicate this in your business too.

I even share the Clickfunnel’s template I created to do it all

Side Note: you may remember we talked about Click Funnels when I shared about the Expert Secrets book back in episode 26.  If you haven’t read the Expert Secrets Book or listened to the episode you need to, understanding how this all works will really help to maximize results in your business.