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What Retailers can learn from Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

This episode is an edited replay of a Facebook Live I did during the the release of Russell Brunson’s latest book Expert Secrets.

I was so inspired from nuggets dropped in this book that I had to hop on and break down 5 strategies the today’s online retailer can use to get their brand out there and making more sales. In this episode I share how our retail community can use this amazing book to turn their visitors into loyal customers and tribe members.

You’ll learn:

  • How Michael’s is able to dominate in 3 markets and you can too
  • The number #1 thing you can do today to attract the right people to your boutique
  • The important information you need to know about improvement offers

Russell is a genius in the marketing space with the creation of his software ClickFunnels and the formation of is tribe Funnel Hackers. In the books he shares how to create your tribe and a winning CULTure around your brand. I’m inspired by Russell not only by what Russell has done in the service business space but more important is he sells and has sold product just like us 😀

Grab a Free Copy of the Expert Secret Book here