Creating a Brand that Sparks A movement with Essence Hayes of Coloring Pins : Girl Get Visible

Creating a Brand that Sparks A movement with Essence Hayes of Coloring Pins

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In today’s episode we talk to Essene Hayes of Coloring Pins and Essence Murjani . Essence and her pins has been at the forefront the black girl lapel and patch movement. She’s been featured in Buzzfeed, Blavity, Essence Magazine, and a host of celebrities. By making what she loves she has not only created a break out brand but she has ushered in a new movement of style and out culture

In this interview Essence shares

  • The inspiration behind her brand
  • The process to creating new products
  • The introducing it to an audience that didn’t even
  • How Essence grew her brand from an idea to being worn by influencers such as Issa Raye of Insecure

Quote: “There is no what ifs, there is only what’s next” Essence Hayes- Coloring Pins

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Brief Bio

Coloring Pins was birthed from my wanting to wear pins, but not seeing any for me on the market. There are tons of cute pins, but none of them resonated with me or made me feel like I had to have them. I wanted a pin that was an extension of me, and I wanted to be able to walk with a pin that spoke before I did”.- Essence Hayes, Owner, EssenceMurjani Jewelry Coloring Pins is a brand that represents people of color, the mis- and underrepresented. We want people to feel and see themselves in a very popular market. We will expand to apparel and other merchandise to complement our popular accessories. Coloring Pins is just here to add a bit more color to the pin game.