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Top 2 SEO Questions: Will SEO work for my type of Business? & When should I start working on SEO?

Top 2 SEO Questions: WIll SEO woRk for my Type of Business? & When should I start working on SEO

 In this episode, I talk about the top 2 questions I get when I talk about SEO -When do I start doing SEO? -What businesses or industries does SEO work for? Answering the questions, I went through a few examples of how different niches can and should be using Search Engine Optimization. I give […]

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3 SEO Mistakes: You’re Probably Already Making at least 1

SEO is a vast scary land for most people, but while you try to avoid it, it keeps popping up on your NEED TO DO list. I get why you would want to avoid it… …It’s different … it Sounds technical …it involves a lot of acronyms and industry jargon. and of course, you want to avoid the […]

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