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Is traditional SEO keyword research all wrong for today’s Entrepreneurs?

Is traditional SEO keyword research all wrong for today's Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever tried to do SEO for your business, researched SEO, or even got a pitch from SEO magic optimization company, you’ve probably heard of KEYWORDS. Keywords are these magic words that you put on your site and they will bring you traffic, money, and all of this magical fairy dust to your business. […]

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SEO in your everyday life and every day in your business [Book Launch Replay]

SEO in your everyday life and every day in your business [Book Launch Replay]

A few weeks ago I hosted a launch event at Seton Hall University for my new book My SEO Workbook . I recorded I took a minute to record the talk and QA I did at the event to share will my podcast audience and bring you into the world of SEO and how I […]

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“My SEO Workbook” will cut through tech and confusion of learning SEO- New Book Launches at Seton Hall University this Month [Press Release]

author akilah thompkins robinson seo coachingMy SEO workbook book launchOfficial

March 24. 2019 South Orange, NJ– “My SEO Workbook” is a new book written to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to implement Search Engine Optimization and get online traffic that their website needs to attract the right audience. This book isn’t your average textbook where you just learn the subject, but it’s written to […]

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New Book Aims to Demystify SEO for Black Female Entrepreneurs [Press Release]

My SEO Workbook 2019 guide to learn and do SEO available on amazon and kickstater

New York, NY – September 12, 2018 – Just a month after Google’s latest hard-hitting core algorithm update, My SEO Workbook, a book that simplifies search engine optimization for black female entrepreneurs is available for preorder. The books author, Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, a long-time IT professional and founder of Online Boutique Source observes, “When it comes […]

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Facebook or YouTube? Where should you put your videos for the best SEO results


As part of my “No Content Left” behind push this weekend. I grabbed a bunch of my Live videos from Facebook and made them into blog post (You’ve probably read a few)… …and the big thing I pulled a bunch of videos and put them on YOUTUBE!!!! Yes, YouTube Someone in my groups asked why […]

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Evergreen vs. Trending Content: SEO tips and tricks to use both to boost your search rank

Evergreen vs. Trending Content SEO tips and Tricks

A key part of good SEO is having content on your site. A lot of online boutiques, coaches, and online business entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right content. SEO content writing helps to boost your search engine positions (aka Rankings) a lot faster than just writing alone and it helps give your site visitors more […]

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Blogging for Your Online Boutique [Podcast Episode 2]

Today we talk to Ambitious Diva Marketing guru Jasmine Powers, about how blogging can help your online boutique, build a loyal customer following, and increase sales. Jasmine and I have a great time sharing our experiences with blogging and how it has helped to propel our business and keep our brands in the minds of […]

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