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Facebook or YouTube? Where should you put your videos for the best SEO results


As part of my “No Content Left” behind push this weekend. I grabbed a bunch of my Live videos from Facebook and made them into blog post (You’ve probably read a few)…

…and the big thing I pulled a bunch of videos and put them on YOUTUBE!!!!

Yes, YouTube

Someone in my groups asked why put them on YouTube and not share from Facebook?SEO tips and tricks for SEO friendly video page

Good question…

Most people don’t know how important YouTube is for your SEO

Some of the one-off blog posts I embed from Facebook. But for a page like the Video page, I created YouTube is the #winner if you want to boost your search engine positions (aka rankings).

Here are few reasons:

  • YouTube is connected to Google so if you have more views their it adds to Google seeing your brand as more valuable
  • YouTube has its own section in search results when people search and they get those videos results at the top. It’s pulling mostly from YouTube and using YouTube analytics to rank it
  • YouTube also allows you to monetize directly, not a lot of money but you can get a little change from increasing views.
(Note: recent changes as of Feb 20, 2018 you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video play to monetize, but even with that YouTube is still the winner and putting your videos on the site is a good way to hit those numbers YouTube wants)
  • Added BONUS the long-term chances of getting new views are better on YouTube than FB too. I have videos that get views and comments from years ago. That only happens on FB if I search and share a specific post

Long story short Facebook or YouTube? YouTube is definitely better for your SEO marketing and site goals.

If people are going to binge watch your videos, you want it to be on a platform that will help your site.

P.S. If you’re looking for good YouTube SEO tools like the one I used to create the video page, check out  this YouTube Video Plugin.