Number 1 Backlink Strategy for 2021 : Girl Get Visible

Number 1 Backlink Strategy for 2021


Secret Sauce to SEO

I am here to provide you the secret sauce of SEO…..

The best back link strategy for 2021.

Entrepreneurs have been on social media, creating new businesses and just getting out there! Because of this, we now need to strategize to not get caught in the “sea of sameness”. 

Being visible using SEO is more than just getting your business posted everywhere, being on Clubhouse, or having a lot of followers! In this episode, I talk about a backlink strategy that I know is going to be successful in 2021. As opportunities are starting to expand, getting backlinks are starting to get more difficult. People used to use commenting, getting links on blogger, and other fast SEO link building strategies that they think work, but Google has gotten much smarter over the years and these methods are getting less and fewer results.

This tried a true link-building method has continued to get great links and build authority.

You are probably wondering, but why are backlinks so important to SEO? Great question, in this episode I break this down for you. 

  • Are you interested in standing out with SEO?
  • Do you want more information on backlinks?
  • Do you want your customers to find you quicker and easier?

Then you are at the right place and on your way to being a trusted and popular brand in the eyes of search engines!

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  • Kourtney says:

    Very informative. I’m curious why not use Anchor for podcasts? It has sent my podcast to not only some of the larger top podcast places but others I didn’t know existed. Now I do need to get back with Libsyn at some point to have my show notes. The tips on how to get more backlinks to your site were great! #AkilahTheBomb as usual!

  • Hearing more about the push marketing versus the pull marketing was great along with power of the backlinks!!

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