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New Book Aims to Demystify SEO for Black Female Entrepreneurs [Press Release]

My SEO Workbook 2019 guide to learn and do SEO available on amazon and kickstater

New York, NY – September 12, 2018 – Just a month after Google’s latest hard-hitting core algorithm update, My SEO Workbook, a book that simplifies search engine optimization for black female entrepreneurs is available for preorder.

The books author, Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, a long-time IT professional and founder of Online Boutique Source observes, “When it comes to technology and innovations that are not new, we are not taking advantage of them.”

Especially among black female-led businesses, which has seen a 322% growth between 1997 and 2015 and dubbed the “fastest-group group of entrepreneurs in America”, Thompkins-Robinson noted that many are still focusing on Instagram, Facebook ads and Pinterest. While social media has been a primary focus for traffic strategy for marketers in recent years, last year SEO outpaced social media driving 35% of site visits.

My SEO Workbook is an activity-rich search engine optimization guidebook that aims to simplify search engine optimization for this growing group of entrepreneurs. Unlike lengthy and technical books on the topic, the full-color book boasts over 200 pages and includes worksheet exercises, journal prompts, and a 12-month planner to encourage women-led startups to work on their search strategy by regularly creating high-authority content.

“SEO has been the most consistent, the cheapest and almost one of the easiest ways [to drive traffic]. I share what I know and I’m able to get people to come to my site from it,” Thompkins-Robinson states.

In My SEO Workbook, readers are helped to get started with search optimization by sharing easy-to-implement tips for creating the kind of content that gets ranked by search engines. Readers are motivated to start creating content immediately, kicking things off by answering the questions they get every day by publishing blog posts and updating other site pages. They learn how to leverage existing relationships for guest posting, getting links back to their own sites. To make the most of the content they are creating on social, the workbook advises readers to repurpose content, including using transcripts, video embeds, and expanding on previously created content.

There are additional resources that can be leveraged to support search optimization efforts. Google provides tools for webmasters to help them understand and optimize their websites. Still, these tools remain underutilized.

“Install and use Google’s tools. Google Analytics and Search Console are free gold hanging out there that will tell you where you need to improve and what to do next,” Thompkins-Robinson urges marketers.

Starting September 11th, My SEO Workbook will be available for preorder exclusively through Kickstarter where supporters can access additional SEO help including a private community, audits and personalized consulting. The campaign runs for 25 days and hopes to fund enhancements to the books graphics, editing, and publishing of a digital version.

For more information and to preorder My SEO Workbook, visit the Kickstarter campaign.


Akilah Thompkins Robinson is the founder of Online Boutique Source and is the author of MY SEO Workbook, a detailed guide that helps female entrepreneurs build a cohesive search engine marketing strategy with high-authority web content.


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