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Increase Sales With Convenient Product Offers

Podcast Episode 29 Increase Sales With A Convenient Business
Have you ever paid a little extra for something so you don’t have to go to 3 different stores? Or Brought more because the sold it as a set?
These little-added conveniences make a big impact on where and how much we shop and they add big dollars for the stores that make it easier for us.
In today’s episode, I talk about how stores are doing this and how you can too in your online boutique business. Making shopping easier for your market you increase customer satisfaction, loyalist, visits.
I also give a few great examples like and how I mad a killing with conveniences offerings using nothing but cafe press.
Also my boutiquepreneurs, creativepreneurs, teepreneurs, and retailpreneus If you have an online boutique, craft business, tee shirt business this is going to blow your minds and revenue out of the water.
Enjoy the episode.
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