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What to Say When you don’t know what to say

Many things have taken place in 2020 already we’ve had near war, global pandemic, more killing of African Americans like George Floyd, Breyana Taylor, and now a full-on Fight against Racial injustice movement. 

As content creators and business owners, this constant change and upheaval present a very hard question “what do I say”. It also heightens the need for racial awareness and sensitivity in our communication.

We can’t ignore and continue with business as usual and we can’t go all-in forget our purpose in this world so what do we do? 

In this episode, I take a step at giving you some guidance around creating content, posting on social, and just overall messaging during these times. 

I break into 5 parts:

  • what to say in your content
  • what to say in on your social
  • what to when you are at a complete loss
  • when to stop talking
  • when and how to admit you said the wrong thing 

    And I share some recent stories with influencers where this communication has gone terribly wrong.

I’ve also joined the Podcasters for Justice Campaign and share important resources on how you can help and support the fight again racial injustice. 


We are (podcasters/bloggers/youtubers/influencer/etc.) united to condemn the tragic murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many many others at the hands of police. This is a continuation of the systemic racism pervasive in our country since its inception and we are committed to standing against racism in all its forms.We believe that to be silent is to be complicit.We believe that Black lives matter.We believe that Black lives are more important than property.We believe that we have a responsibility to use our platforms to speak out against this injustice whenever and wherever we are witness to it.In creating digital media we have built audiences that return week after week to hear our voices and we will use our voices to speak against anti-blackness and police brutality, and we encourage our audiences to be educated, engaged, and to take action.

Here’s how you can participate or contribute

  1. Share this statement in your next piece of content
  2. Donate a portion of your show proceeds and ask audience members to donate to any of the following:
    1. George Floyd Memorial Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
    2. Minnesota Freedom Fund: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/
    3. Black Visions Collective: https://www.blackvisionsmn.org/
    4. Campaign Zero: https://www.joincampaignzero.org/
    5. Black Lives Matter: https://www.Blacklivesmatter.com
    6. Minneapolis NAACP Branch: https://www.paypal.me/mplsnaacp4050B
  3. Sign A petition & Ask Your Audience To Sign:
    1. Text “Floyd” to 55156 to sign a petition a demand justice for George Floyd
    2. Sign-up at Color of Change: https://colorofchange.org/ to be notified of more opportunities to take action