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2 Why You Need To Be in a Subscription Box

In This Episode: Our special guest, Tara Jefferson, talks about subscription boxes and why it’s important for you as boutiquers to get in them. Why she and her self-care box are the subscription box for you. We talk about the how to get into a subscription box. We also talk about what to expect from […]

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Are InstaStories Right for You?

In This Episode: With the advent of social media, we have found new and innovative ways to create products. We also have new ways of marketing these products. However, with new and creative social media platform popping up every day, almost, does one decided which social media outlet is right for them? Your host Akilah […]

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6 Ways to Get More Customers to your site with Pictures

get more customers online boutique with pictures

Way too many people try to market their store by posting pictures from the wholesaler, if you’re doing this, stop immediately! You can tell if a picture is from a wholesaler, it’ll be very standard, bland and boring, no personality, or emotion and so many people are using the same photo you look just like […]

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