Microblogging: Using your IG and Social Content for Good SEO : Girl Get Visible

Microblogging: Using your IG and Social Content for Good SEO

Using you Ig and social content for good seo- girl get visible podcast SEO coaching

MicroBlogging is creating small snippets of content and posting or publishing on a platform outside of your website. A lot of have been microblogging for years on social and we don’t even recognize it.

If you’ve ever made a long Instagram or Facebook caption, done a series of Tik Tok ideas or reels telling a story, or even done one of those 5-10-part Twitter series; then you have been microblogging and didn’t even know it. Most coaches, course creators, and membership site owners don’t realize that the Social media content creation they are doing can be used for so much more.

Blogging on your website is a really helpful way of getting good SEO and collecting your content in one place so people can find you can learn about your expertise all in one place. It’s good in today’s time when social sites are constantly changing, removing content, banning topics, and profiles are getting constantly hacked. Depending on a social site could see you lose all of your IP (intellectual property) in a quick minute.

So now that you know you’ve been microblogging your next question probably is Akilah, “I write those long Instagram captions, how do I use all of this great microblogging content I’ve been creating to attract more of my audience and maximize my SEO.”

Don’t worry I’ve got a good answer for you

This question actually came up a few months ago when I was interviewed by Racheal Miller on her Moolah Marketing page.

I get asked this a lot from my SEO Coaching clients who want to work smarter not harder with implementing their SEO and making it work with their Social Media strategy

In this episode of the Girl Get Visible Podcast, I talk to you about:

  • what is microblogging
  • How to leverage your long Social media content creation for SEO
  • How to get more traction for your quality content?
  • How to take the most advantage of your microblogging efforts?
  • Share some great microblogging examples that you can do in your business.
  • And most important What to do with those long Instagram captions and series in your IG Stories and Tik Toks you’ve been doing.

Check out today’s episode for a bunch of great info on making the most of your social microblog content.

And then join us for our next 5 Ways to Start SEO without a Huge team webinar. Where I’ll share 5 ways you can work Smarted not harder as SEO and use it to grow your business: girlgetvisible.com/5ways