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Is Blogging Dead in 2022?

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Every year I get asked the same question, is blogging dead?

The short answer is NO, the full answer is nothing ever dies it just evolves.

In this episode, I talk about the 2022 evolution of blogging, content marketing, and audience. Blogging isn’t just for good SEO

In 2022 Every course creator, membership site owner, podcaster needs to include blogging or an aggressive show notes strategy (for my podcasters) into their marketing strategy. In the episodes, I talk about the importance of blogging this year and how major coaches Stu McLaren, Rachael Rodgers, James Wedmore, Lisa Nichols, Amy Porterfield, Nicole Walter, Lamar Tyler, and many others are using blogging, podcasting, and long-form video content publishing machine

In the episode I share:

  • Why blogging isn’t dead
  • How we should be thinking differently about blogging in 2022
  • How Blogging can help grow your business and get more sales and clients in 2022
  • How 7 figure businesses and major corporations are using blogging to get their message and products out the
  • Why research and blogging is so important to the buying process