What's all of the buzz about TikTok and SEO : Girl Get Visible

What’s all of the buzz about TikTok and SEO

What's all of the buzz about TikTok and SEO- Girl Get Visible

TikTok is the latest and apparently the greatest video-based social site.

You’ve probably heard that TikTok is now getting more hits than google and more watch time than youtube.

These are big accomplishments and if you’re like most marketers and entrepreneurs you’ve been wondering how TikTok can help your business and whether should you get started (or keep up with) TikTok. 

And then comes another notch in the TikTok belt, SEO.

A lot of things have been happening in the TikTok app and in google with ranking and indexing TikTok videos. These changes make TikTok and much better option for business owners and I dare to say worth the effort you would put into creating this new short-form content

In this episode, I give you all of the tea on my current thoughts on TikTok, including how I think the use of SEO will help you on tiktok and how TikTok videos and content can help your SEO on your website

In the episode I also share:

  • the results I had after doing a 30-day TikTok challenge with Crystal Cooper
  • My approach to creating good TikTok content
  • Details on how TikTok can help your SEO
  • The one thing I would do differently if I was starting with TikTok today
  • How to repurpose TikTok videos and how to repurpose other content to make TikToks
  • And give examples of the strategies you can use to grow  fast and make  money from TikTok for your online business

I also mention in the episode how Google has introduced a short video SERP area, here’s a screenshot of what that looks like on mobile