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Racer-SEO Visibility Success Code

Racer- SEO Visibility Success Code

We are on to our second strategy of the SEO Visibility Success Code (SVSCode for short), the Racer.  In peeker, we spent a lot of time researching our own numbers, while in Racer we turn out attention to get to know our audience, our niche, and what people are searching for. This is also where the infamous SEO keyword magic pops up and you start looking for the perfect keywords to represent your brand.

I used Racer for this stage because it goes hand and hand with the R.A.C.E keyword method that I share with you guys here https://girlgetvisible.com/is-traditional-seo-keyword-research-all-wrong-for-todays-entrepreneurs/.

Just like we did for Peeker in this episode I break down, what Racers need to know and master to move out of Racer mode (it’s more than just keyword research). What are some of the pitfalls Racer should look out for and where Racers get stuck.

If you haven’t yet taken the quiz here girlgetvisible.com/quiz

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