Metrics aren't a Myth : Girl Get Visible

Metrics aren’t a Myth

“In any part of our business, we need to be realistic that we need to grow.”

Today’s episode is to provide accountability to my Girl Get Visible listeners, on how you view your metrics and KPI. In recent discussions, I’ve seen business owners, not willing to own up to,  whatever metrics they are measuring their business by.

For example, in SEO, metrics we may measure ourselves by are email subscribers, bounce rates, keyword rankings, and even page speed, to name a few. If you’ve been in a few SEO training sessions already, you may hear some lofty metric goals, but don’t scorn them. If you see a metric that’s relevant in your industry and immediately resort to lowering them, you are doing yourself a disservice. Nothing is unattainable and you have the power to succeed, beyond your wildest imagination. Now, it may not happen overnight, but make it a goal and continue to work on it.

Listen to this word of encouragement on why metrics should not be seen as a myth, but instead truth to the success of your business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why, quality metrics for your business are not a myth?
  • How to respond to metrics that seem unattainable when introduced?
  • What, we need to be realistic about as business owners?

I really hope you enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to share with me the goals you are trying to achieve in the comments.