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Is Amazon Right for You?

In This Episode

Our guest, Irina Balyurko, shows us how putting your products on can benefit your business. She goes in to a detailed process of how to get your product on Amazon.

What You’ll Learn

  • Benefits of using Amazon
  • Shipping with Amazon vs. self-shipping
  • How to scale in your inventory to Amazon fulfillment
  • Is it really worth it to use Amazon

Irina’s Quote

“I love my life”

How to find

Books to check out

Essentialism Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

Irina’s Bio

As an Amazon consultant Irina’s main goal is to help product based brands grow on Amazon platform.  She built her e-commerce expertise on both personal experience and providing guidance to business in various stages: from product launches to boosting sales for a mature business. She also brings MBA degree, and 10 years of corporate experience in project management and business analysis. Irina has an unhealthy obsession with farmers markets, and often can be caught playing superheroes with her two boys.