Preparing your Online business for the Recession : Girl Get Visible

Preparing your Online business for the Recession

girl get visible podcast with akilah Thompkins-Robinson, preparing your online business for recession or tough economic times

Let’s talk about this looming recession that people keep talking about, and what it means to your online business.

We’ve all heard it was coming…

Probably researched what it means…

You may even be worried about what it will do to you!!!

Well 1st, let me say you’re not alone

2nd, let’s talk about it and get ready for it not hide and run from it

As coaches, course creators, and digital entrepreneurs our businesses and lives depend on not just being able to sell, but all people having the funds and bandwidth to buy.

And real talk, right now as we close out 2022 the funds’ people have may be in danger.
In this episode, I talk about what it could mean for us and share the strategies I’m doing to stay afloat during this economic downturn

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Product strategies that can help you maintain consistent income during this time
  • Ways to still build and expand your audience even if you don’t have money for ads and social posts get overrun
  • How affiliate income and working with other businesses can be the best thing small businesses have to save us all during a recession or really any time
  • Innovative ways to save and tighten your belts in your business, and how to prepare when your clients do the same
  • Why do you need to turn your business from a commodity to a necessity like yesterday?
  • And of course, all of the ways SEO and get search traffic can help you with this

We’ve all heard the stories about all of the businesses that were made and thrived in 2007, 2008, and 2009 during our last recession; but they continue to forget the businesses that didn’t make it. We want to be on the survive and thrive side so it’s time we discuss and prepare for it.

Don’t pass up this episode because you think we are ready for it yet, listen and start working on your plan to get ready and prepare for whatever happens with the rest of the world

Here are some of the resources I mention in the episode: