Finding Wholesalers at a Trade Show Event- Eps 9 : Girl Get Visible

Finding Wholesalers at a Trade Show Event- Eps 9

We’ve all heard of people heading the Magic Show in Vegas, Accessories Show in NY, the Atlanta and Dallas marts and many other tradeshows around the country to find wholesalers and products for their boutiques.

But who really knows where to go and what to do when you get there.

When I first started working with wholesalers in 2012, the Magic Show really sounded like a wonderful “magic” place, that I had no idea if I’d ever be big or official enough to go. Well fast forward 4 years from them and now I’m able to attend multiple shows a years and shopping for myself and for my clients.

And In this episode I’m taking you with me 😀

I always get a lot of questions from different boutiquers about attending the shows, what do you need, what to do and everything else, so I’m removing the mystery and giving you all the deets for prepping and attending your first retail tradeshow event. The ins and outs of attending your first fashion trade show event for your boutique.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why you should attend an event
  • Where to find events
  • How to register for events
  • Preparing for your visit and what to bring
  • Tips on vendor information
  • Dressing up for the event
  • Shopping with the vendors
  • Do’s and Dont’s for events

To make it even more fun I’ve uploaded a video from recent events, so you can really experience all of the fun retail excitement these events have to offer us

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