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3 SEO Mistakes: You’re Probably Already Making at least 1

SEO is a vast scary land for most people, but while you try to avoid it, it keeps popping up on your NEED TO DO list.

I get why you would want to avoid it…

…It’s different

… it Sounds technical

…it involves a lot of acronyms and industry jargon.

and of course, you want to avoid the big SEO mistakes you read about

But there is good news, first I’ve got a great beginners guide that will answer some those beginner questions that the gurus don’t. And since I know you want a good SEO website, I’ll provide tons of great information on this site and in the guide that you can start now before working with an affordable SEO company.

Second, this post will help you avoid some of the common mistakes I see people making every day and killing their chances of Google top rankings.

The bottom line your site could already be in someone’s #1, but you’re probably doing this…

Mistake #1: Ignoring those images tags

Be honest when you upload those product photos to your site do you leave the title name image12345.jpg and leave the “alt” field is blank.

Don’t do that again LOL.

Google love to show you in image search and it use the title and the alt to figure out what’s in the picture

How to solve this SEO issue:

Next time you add photos use 3-5 words in the title and alt fields to describe the picture. If you are really fancy today go back to your old photos and change the information there too. (It’s not too late Google will find them)

Mistake #2: Ignoring analytics (data about your traffic)

Did you know Google actually wants you to win?

I know it sounds crazy and definitely now what most will tell you, but I promise you they do.

Google provides all of the free tools that let you know who’s coming to your site, where are they coming from, and what they are looking for. The most popular one is Google Analytics.

This is critical to SEO, because it’s much easier to get traffic to pages people are already looking for but you need to know what they are to go after them. (Don’t worry I show you how in the Jump Start)

How to solve this SEO issue:

Easy, go install Google Analytics. But don’t just install make a date at least once a week to review your numbers

Mistake #3 Using the same tags and text over and over

I know I just told you to go tag all the images in your world, but I don’t want you to fall into 2nd trap repeating the same things throughout your site. There are a billion ways to say one thing use them. Google likes variety so spice up those tags and descriptions like this guy. LOL

How to solve this SEO issue:

This one is simple, be creative!!!  Think of different ways to talk about your products and services and use them throughout your site to keep your readers and Google excited about your site

Fixing these mistakes will definitely get you on the right track with the search engines and luckily I’ve created a guide to help you get started with everything you need to know to do SEO the Right way.

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