How SEO can help your service based business get clients: The Book Yourself Solid Story : Girl Get Visible

How SEO can help your service based business get clients: The Book Yourself Solid Story

A few years ago back when I was designing website I read Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port.

Not only did I read it but I: read it, I went to a one-day intensive with the man himself, I took a 4 week course. I was ready to be booked solid.

Check out the throwback picture —–>

akilah thompkins robinson of girl get visible and Michael port

Throw back pic of Michael Port and Me!!!

Michael talked about a lot of things in the book. Red velvet rope policies, the sales funnel, and the most important building authority.

I wish I knew then what I knew now (don’t we all right)

Michael talked about all of the authority building benefits getting people to want to work with you, standing out in the crowd, etc.

But I never got it until I started creating content.

And even when I did create the content I wasn’t thinking about getting booked solid for my services, I was “just” working on my SEO (because you know that’s my favorite thing) for sites and my blogs and I never considered other ways it could help me.

What I didn’t know at the time is that putting together 2 of my great loves could help me reach my 1 true goal. Getting booked.

As a service business, we sometimes look at SEO and say “but I’m not a blogger” or “I don’t need 10s of thousands” just a few hundred to fill my calendar; so we skip working on it.

But as you’ll see there is a lot of missed opportunity with ignoring

What did Sally do to get overbooked?

Recently my former SEO client and friend Sally Hendricks of, shared this story in the SEO good mob group:

how seo can help service based business

Sally isn’t a just a blogger or a coach Sally also runs a very successful service-based part of here business implementing FB ads for clients.

You see from the post, Sally is using her SEO content to draw traffic from Google, but she is also using it to draw in customer and build authority in FB groups. She also uses the content she creates to give value in her emails, her FB ads, and her own Facebook group.

Do you see how it all comes full circle?

When she started creating the right content you can use as a secret authority building people grabbing magnet LOL.

Here are a few of the thing Sally did to get booked solid

  1. write a few blog post around topics people are searching for (I help you figure how to get these topics in chapter 7)
  2. Join the FB groups with your ideal customer
  3. Search the groups for people asking about your keyword (I help you with good keywords in Chapter 5)
  4. Answer the question them out toying your own post as the resource (some groups won’t allow links so you may just comment  “I have a blog post for that” and let them request it from you)

Doing this you win over the person you’re helping and anyone else that has the question and comes across the thread. After a while, you become the go-to resource for this information and with that, you raise your authority and the bookings coming rushing in.

Do you see why I knew this before?

It’s surprisingly easy to become the go-to person and use SEO to help you get there.

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