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Are you giving your business the Royal SEO Treatment??

SEO Tips for Royal Wedding Meghan Markel Princess Give your business website the royal treatment

Right now the world is all abuzz with the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markel, Duke and Duchess of Sussex and any other bit (my new English word LOL) about the Royals we can think of. In the past few days, I’ve read so many articles from the foods the Royals eat, to how the Nannies are trained, to the intricate details of the clothing designers the princesses wear.

There isn’t a topic or keyword (wink wink) that isn’t being talked about with the Royals this week.

A few months ago I shared with you guys difference between Evergreen and Trending topics. And the Royals just came through with the Trending topic of the year.

Thanks Harry !

Look at this spike in Google trends

This show how searches have grown for the keyword Royal Wedding over the last few weeks and I’m confident it will stay pretty high for the next 3-4 weeks.

This also shows an SEO goldmine for your business online.

When trends like this happen it’s a perfect time for you create a post, videos, any content that involves the trending keywords and brings more traffic and visibility to your site.

I know you are thinking “but what if I don’t do anything wedding related”
Well, Don’t worry you don’t have to, the secret to making this SEO tip work for you is making it relevant to what you do.

For example:

  • Skincare pros can talk about Meghan’s amazing skin and a princess beauty regimen
  • Interior Decorators can talk about the castle décor and how to add royal touches to your home
  • Family Therapist can talk about Meghan’s family dynamics or the ways to adjust to a new family
  • Online Boutique owners can talk about all the amazing fashions and the trends the Princess is making
  • Coaches and Consultants can talk about the business lessons learned from the wedding or highlight the businesses that are thriving because of this wedding (HINT: search for the Royal Economic, Markel Sparkle, Meghan effect)

You see where I’m going with this, there are so many ways to work this trend into your content and get a real boost in your SEO traffic. I did this quick live video with more content marketing tips and topic ideas yesterday:

Let’s talk about how the Royal Wedding will boost your SEO

Just in case you aren’t convinced to go write about the Royals yet, let me give you a few ways jumping on this trend will directly help your sites SEO:

  1.  Puts you in front of a captive audience, doing well in search is all about getting in front of the right traffic. Right now all of the traffic is on the Royal wedding highway so finding a way to get your business in front of those searches.
    everyone is hungry for Meghan and Royals right now.
  2. Keeps your audience with you a little longer, if they are searching for Royal stuff that means they aren’t hanging out on your site right or searching for your regular keywords? Writing about the Royals is a good way to stop that. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you can’t beat them join them”, well that’s one of the key bits of SEO joining in on the conversation?
  3. Google loves your site more when other people love you. The more people you have coming to your site and staying on there to read, the higher Google will put your other post in the rankings too. So getting this quick traffic will definitely help your site in the long run
  4. There is a little thing called related post. If you go on many major sites, you’ll see related content from other sites. When you write about trending topics like this puts you in the mix of all of the other sites that are writing about the Royals to and increase your chances to be a related site for someone else. I’ll admit many of the articles I’ve read are because I clicked them when reading something else.

Just look at this post right here, I’ve worked the Royals right into this post about how it can help you with SEO.  🙂 

And these are just a few ways the Royal wedding can help you in search but don’t slip this trend is everywhere. Share your post on Social, Video, Live Stream you name it. Check out these results from one of my vault members who shared a Royal Wedding clip on her page yesterday

SEO Tip boost views on facebook- online boutique source review akilah thompkins

Are you ready to write?

Now that I’ve got you already to right about Royal things and give your site the Royal Treatment in SEO. Create a post or video on your site and share it with me in the comments. I’ll be sharing some of the best ones with my audiences over the next few weeks so I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your biz.

I’ll see you in search!