It's time your show really starts helping you reach your business goals. 

Get your business out of the Shadows, share your expertise, and bring in more clients. Learn how to get you business found, visible, and paid … even if you don't have a lot of time for energy for social

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You want to grow your podcast and your business but you know to grow you need more of the right people to see your offers

As you learned this week getting better results from your show is about the right content not the amount of content.

And when you create what people want you can easily bring them into your world

- Do you have 50% off your monthly downloads coming to your existing episodes
- Are your show numbers increasing month or month
- Are your episodes coming up in search for the keyword teams your need
- Are your show notes attracting or distracting the search engines

If you said no to any of these keep reading

You want to grow your business....but you know to grow you need more of the right people to see your offers

You started a podcast to get those people but end up with the same audience you brought from other places

And all the ways we've been taught to market are draining, time-consuming, and expensive and just plain ineffective. Most businesses are stuck in the same spot because they waste time on creating and not attracting 

 It's time for a change!

Luckily there is another was to market. A more sustainable way to attract your audience

SEO and Visibility marketing. SEO uses your website, your published content, and your expertise to get your site found in the search engines and drive more shoppers to buy.

You did the right thing starting a podcast you are now uniquely place to get found on over 25 different platforms,  with every post.

But all of those platforms mean nothing if they aren't driving results. 




Introducing the Traffic Accelerator Pod

The Traffic Accelerator Pod is a 6 month System that helps entrepreneurs create an online presence for their business using content marketing without spending hours on social media or thousands of dollars on ads. In the pod we help you build a website with good SEO practices, learn how to use content marketing as part of your strategy, teach you how to get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing (and not just social media), give you tools so that all this information sticks with you after the course ends, and connect with other pod members who can offer additional support along the way. 

In the pod we’ll make sure you have the five Pieces you need for audience attracting SEO on your show and your website

  • Audience- make sure we are talking to the right people who are searching for your products and services right now
  • Magnetic content- make sure we are answering the questions and topics to hook them into our shows and have them on the journey to buy
  • Keywords- identify the words that activate them to take action and ensure you places them where search engines can make sure they make you numbers
  • Links - links we prioritize link building so you have the
  • SEO Set Up- The right code to makes sure you are fully optimized 

MEET OTHERS who have Accelerated with our Programs

Meet Tonya

Tonya has used her SEO knowledge to get featured 

Meet LiSA

Lisa was able to help her business and her clients 

Meet raven & Mischelle

Hear how the both god clearer on their business and where able to reach their audience


Ashley got clarity on how she should be speaking to her audience and gained SEO confidence along the way 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The POD Helps you in 3 Phases we learn, do and, Implement.
In the pod I've combined my most popular product to create a system to help you get your content out there and become a Visible Expert in your business.

Learn: Month 1

First phase is to make sure you know everything you need to know about content, SEO, and how to do it for your business. When you join you get instant access to our extensive training library, and live 2 days class where we walk through every part of SEO for your business

In this phase we focus on:

  • defining your Ideal Searcher 
  • solidifying your product your content will drive sales too (ensure you have product, optin, buying process)
  • mapping out your search to buy journey
  • Narrowing your keywords
Build: Month 2

The next phase is about putting this to work in your business. In month 2 you'll have completed the class and can start your first 30 days of SEO changes. You'll get access to a private podcast guiding through what tweaks to make to build your SEO powerhouse. Each month in our membership community we have co-working sessions to help you set time assist to get the work done

In this phase we focus on:

  • Site Reviews and Analyze your site and show for what needs to stay and go
  • Creating with SEO in mind
  • Making the tweaks to build your SEO Powerhouse
  • For those that need it setting up you business foundation with website, optin, and your first product
Implement: Months 3-6

This last Phase is where we spend most of our time. After the initial Learning and doing we want to make Getting Visible and Profitable part of our business. You'll be about to do this with 6 months in our membership community where we have regulars calls, office hours, collaborations, and other opportunities. And also with your 6 months of work feedback.

In this phase we focus on:

  • Strengthen the growth in your business and leverage the new traffic you have 
  • Refine and tweak your sales process
  • Implement your content creation, promotion, and repurposing process (we work smarter not harder)
  • Monitor your metrics and use them to make future decisions

About Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

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But just after you’ve talked yourself up, make sure you end on a friendly note. You don’t want to sound intimidating, you want to sound knowledgeable and friendly.

See What many say about working with Akilah

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us

This isn't another sit down an watch videos courses. We work hand and hand with you make sure you have the right strategy to get your business Found, Visible, and Paid

Pod ExclusiveGroup Coaching call

We’ve got you started with the GRow Your Show Challenge now let’s dig in to go deeper. We'll make sure you nail down your audience, goals, niche, and current set- up in our POD exclusive coaching calls

In the first 4-5 weeks I’ll be meeting with my Podders to walk step by step through your work. 

Traffic Accelerator Weekend

You know the basis of all we do is SEO.  But instead of giving you a draining 6-8 week course on it we do an exclusive 2 days even where you walk away with the know-how to do everything you need including keyword research, content planning,  optimizing your pages, getting backlinks and so much more. 

Our next live weekend March 5-6 2022

6 months in the WorkClub Community

We don’t leave you hanging after the training. included in the pod you’ll get access to the SEO WorkClub where we have monthly Club meetings, quarterly planning and reviews, weekly office hours,  and additional training on business building strategies such as affiliate marketing, building your first opt-in, pitching, and much more. This program is designed to make you a visible expert in your industry and we want to make sure you are found and paid.

6 month individual content and work review

This POD is all about supporting you through your visible journey. And with that feedback is important. I’ve created various guides and worksheets to help you do the work and as you complete them you can submit your work and have me or one of the GGV coaches to review and send you recorded feedback. And there is no limit, you can submit every post and show notes you write for the next 

And we don't just get Visible we are building Platforms and Products too....

Look at what our members have done in just the last year

in revenue

Launched new membership sites & business


Created new Podcasts and YouTube channels


Features and interviews on podcast and blogs


And we don't stop at what's in the Pod!

I've added a few amazing bonuses to make sure you have the tools and resources to grow your business online 

Bonus 1
Build your Website Quick and Easy

With the WordPress In a Weekend Course step by step on how to set up your first or next WP site

Bonus 4
Your First 30 Days
Private Podcast

Do you need step by step guidance on what to do each day? We'll jump start your you process with a daily podcast episode to kick off your first 30 days right 

Bonus 2
Podcast Pitch Fest Training

the secret formula to help you get guest segments on other peoples podcast

(only 10 available)
FIRST 10- 3 Podcast Show Notes Done For You

start right away writing with SEO by letting my team do it for you 4 weeks group coaching calls session

Bonus 3
6 Months SEO Assist Software 

get the tool that does some of the work for you

What makes us different

Our unique approach to helping your implement what we teach, and teach you the things you need for your individual business is what helps our clients get results. 
This isn't a one size fits all solution, we help you find the right size and try it on LOL

Are you ready to be out there

Getting Found Visible and Paid

Join the Traffic Accelerator Pod

You don't have the time to wait to get traffic and results

Throw the old idea of old sit and learn courses....

In the Pod you will learn and do it, you'll get....

Training, Resources, Support, and Feedback (on your specific work)

I'm turning the traditional group coaching model on its head to....

Get out of the Sea of Sameness and be your customer's #1 in search

Join us now


375 / 6 Mo

or  Pay in Full $2000

  • Private 4 weeks Group coaching calls sessions- to nail down your audience, goals, niche, and current setup
  • 2 Days Traffic Weekend Event (Value $1997)- learn the 5 parts SEO that attracts so you can jump right into implementing
  • 6 months in the WorkClub Community- so you have support training and additional resources to help you implement everything we learn
  • 6 Months personalized work Feedback- private portal to submit your task and get 1 on 1 feedback
  • Replays to Grow Your Show Access- lifetime access to all replays and bonuses from this great event 
  • BONUS: Build Your Website quick and easy WordPress In a Weekend Course
  • BONUS: Podcast Pitch Fest the secret formula to help you get guest segments on other peoples podcast. 
  • BONUS: First 30 days Private Podcast
  • BONUS: 6 Months SEO Assist Software get the tool that does some of the work for you

  • Fast ACTION BONUS (FIRST 10)- 3 Podcast Show Notes Done For You- start right away writing with SEO by letting my team do it for you 
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If for any reason, you don't like this program you can cancel no questions ask within 14 days

Boost Your Skills. Join

Get immediate Access


WHAT is the DIFFERENCE Between this and the Membership I hear everyone talking about?

The Traffic Accelerator includes 6 months of the membership. The goal of  the pod is to make sure you have all of the resources and extra support so I created this pod which is everyone's first few month in the membership to help you get the additional training and support so you don't feel left alone in the larger community

What happens if we want to stay after the 6 months

6 Months is what you need to see massive first results. In 6 months we've had members build their site, start their publishing channel, create their signature product, get visible and make sales. Of course once you have that first jump of success many stay and continue to grow with us. So at the end of 6 months you'll be given the option to stay at the TAP Alumni rate.

What happens if I don't get results at the end of 6 months

I'm very very confident that you will grow** from where you are in 6 months if you follow the steps of the program (i.e. submitted the completed guides to the portal, submit at least 7 post for feedback to the portal and publish them to your site, and attend 75% of the live calls and sessions) during your first 6 months I will refund half of your money and give your access to the membership and feed back portal for another 6 months.

**Growth will be determined by number of website visits must show google analytics to prove the site and business has not grown. 

What if I can't attend the 2 day Weekend Live

You will receive full recordings of the weekend if you have to miss any segments, but the Traffic Accelerator Weekend is a very interactive hands-on experience. We do laser coaching, group break-out sessions, and hot seats throughout the weekend if you have to miss more than a few hours I'd recommend taking the next weekend.