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Are you tired of your best content being buried and hidden in the social streets?

Listen to how the Social to SEO Rescue Day can save you?

Your best content shouldn't stay buried in a Live on IG or a viral post that fizzles out in a week or 2, it should be found in the search engines and continuously attracting clients

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The Fastest Way maximize your content

As business owners we create a lot of content. Unfortunately most of it is on social media where it get's buried in the algorithm and isn't seen by the search engines or easily available to your audience who needs it right now.  Well the Social to SEO Rescue fixes is all of that for you.

During your rescue we'll...

Inventory your social media content

We'll look back at up 1 year (up to 60 pieces of content) and create an inventory of what you have created

Turn 10 post into searchable content

we'll take the 10 best content pieces and turn them into sustainable content on your site, we write the blog posts and show notes blogs

Research what's working well for SEO in your niche

We'll do the keyword and competitive research to find what topics are doing well in search for you right now

Create an action plan to keep the process going

After we complete the first 10 post, we'll give you an action plan with the keywords of the remaining post

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What does your Rescue Day Look like....


Before the day

When you schedule  your Social to SEO Rescue VIP day the first step is completing the info form. You'll receive an email with a link to  a quick form with 10 questions to give the team all of the info we need about your company, your products, audience, etc.

The team then uses this data to complete your pre-research and inventory your social page 


Your Implementation Day

On on your rescue day we jump right in and get to work. You will only need to join 3 calls (about 45 mins) though out the day.

  • Morning Kick-off call-where we review the research results, the topics that will work well for your SEO, and the content we will be rewriting.
  • Mid-day Call- we will mid-day to review the written content, ensure the team has the right access to your site, and answer any questions from the morning call.
  • End of day Call- we meet for the final sign off, you'll see your content on your site and confirm the work has been completed.

The After Party

We can't leave you rescued without check up right?  At the end of  session we'll deliver research materials, call recordings, and content inventory sheet of all of the post we reviewed on your profile.

Even when the work is done you still may have questions. Following the call you have 14 days email and Voxer access to the Akilah to answer any follow-up questions about the content we created and the wrap up documentation.

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About Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

Akilah has worked in IT and Web for over 17 years and in her own business achieved 10s of thousands of hits to my websites, 180K downloads to her podcast, sold 1000s of books, and countless other awards all using SEO content and traffic strategies.

When you work with Akilah you get years of SEO and Online business knowledge. You get best practices in SEO used by large corporations and million dollar entrepreneurs.  You get fun, exciting, and engaging experience for you and your team to learn from and enjoy. 

Akilah is...

  • Author of My SEO Workbook 
  • Host Girl Get Visible Podcast, which listed as one of the top SEO podcast.
  • Creator SEO Assist Software
  • Your plug to getting Visible and Found in search

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the implementation call?

To keep the process streamlined to maximize your time,  we do a lot of the research and inventory before the implementation day. On the day of the call we start with 30-45min kick off call, during this call we review the research we found and the 10 post we will rescue first.  After the call the team starts the rewrite process, mid way through the day we have 2nd call to review the content before it is loaded to the site, and at the end of the day we have a final call review the changes and sign-off on the project. 

Can I just give you the 10 post I want written?

After years of implementing search and social content I've learned that what performs well on one platform may not do well on others. The SEO research is a big part of this service because this where we see what your future audience is already searching for, we then use this information to choose what is the best content to put on your site for search.  During the intake I will ask if there are any specific post that you'd like us to work on and we will try to make those work but keep in mind  our research might suggest a different post. 

Do I need a website for this service?

Yes this service is specifically for business owners who are established and have a website. We can update WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, and some other CMS platforms

How many social channels do you inventory?

We focus on one channel Facebook, IG, TikTok, or twitter. If you would like more than 1 channel please reach out for a custom quote

What if I need additional help after the call?

After the call you have 14 days email support to ask questions or updates to any of the post written. If you'd like additional post written or training for your team to begin writing SEO content, we can give a custom quote for the additional services

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about the rescue day and or would like to have a quick chat with Akilah, email heygirl@girlgetvisible.com and we'll get your set up

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