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Finally!!!  A place to Learn, Do, and Leverage SEO in your business. On going SEO support for the entrepreneur ready to get out of the sea of sameness and GET VISIBLE!!!

How many more hours do you have to spend creating content no one finds?

Or how many more dollars do you have to spend on ads that aren’t working?

  • You’ve done the Lives, started the blog, or even the podcast but still no one is coming to your site or consuming all of this content?
  • You’re wondering how do you get all the traffic and sales you see big business rave about.
  • You’re tired of being the best kept secret t

Let me tell you the problem isn’t your product, your brand colors, or the logo; the problem is your future customers can’t find you, they don’t know you can help them, and all of the content you created is sitting in the sea of social sameness instead of grabbing your audience and lead them to your site.

Chances are you’ve been doing a ton of social media marketing, but missing out on other parts of the digital marketing landscape like SEO.

And this missing piece is costing you time, money, and thousands of new customers finding your business.

Here’s the the good part you don’t need, more ads, more things or even more content.

You can use what you’ve been creating over the years and turn into an SEO driving machine.

Yes, SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO WILL Help You:

  • Get people visiting, engaging, buying, from your website.
  • Save time from posting on social and living in FB groups to get clients 
  • Build authority in your business so people know who you are before you enter the room
  • Save on ads and costly promotions because you can get sales and leads instantly with out depending on ad spend
  • Get a lot more freedom and flexibility in you business because people Interested in what you do flow to you.

See how SEO as helped these ladies

You have to be found to be seen, you have to be seen to be heard

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

How can I help you solve this problem?

#1 reason why people don’t get found in search engines and miss out on billions of searches each year is they don’t have the right content on their website.

They’ve created all of these videos, posts, and commentary on social but they never put it on their websites or optimize it for the search engines so years of their good stuff is out there doing nothing.  

This where my system comes in we focus on using what you have created what people are searching for in your site:

Stream Line your process

so you'll take less time sharing, promoting, and creating new stuff and leverage what you have to work more for you.

Develop a Plan

for future content so you create what people are already searching for and not guess if it'll rank or not. 

Get Ranked in Search

to drive thousands of free organic traffic to your site every month. With all of the new content you're sharing with search you'll work less and spend less to get traffic 

The system is MY SEO WorkClub

My SEO WorkClub membership goes implement SEO  and take it to the next level with the SEO coaching and support you need to leverage SEO in your business. 

"It's not a bookclub, it's a WORKClub where we do the work"

You have SEO coaching to help you apply the lessons and exercise to your business

Video training for each chapter to give you real world examples of how each step of the book is done

Exclusive video search feature. To help you find the answers your need fast

SEO community, stop asking random questions in hopes that someone can help you, everyone here focused on the same as you and can give support based on their knowledge and experience

Live calls a chance to work face to face (or screen to screen LOL) with the experts and get real feedback on your work

Challenges and accountability, if your afraid you won’t have time for this or how will you keep up the bite sized challenges and accountability checking in the group will help you focus on things you need to do the most and stay on ck getting them done

We cover all of the topics you need to know about SEO :

  • Keywords
  • Content marketing
  • Outsourcing content
  • Backlinks
  • On page and off page SEO 
  • Linking building
  • Repurposing for social
  • YouTube and Pinterest SEO

Doors are open April 4th. Join us now so you don't miss getting your site to #1

Regular Membership

$ 125


$1250 Annual

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Access to WorkClub Training
  • 2 Events a month
  • Feedback and Office Hours
  • Access to Private group
  • Co-working Session
  • Members discount to all Paid Workshops and 1 on 1 Sessions
  • BONUS: WordPress in Weekend Replay
  • BONUS: Weekend in a Week class (August)
Inner Circle Members

$ 450


(limit 3)

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Everything in Regular plus....
  • Voxer Messaging coaching access
  • Ticket to 1 in-person event this year 
  • BONUS: OPTIN review 

What Our Members Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

Before joining Akilah’s My SEO Work Club, I was completely clueless about all things SEO. I didn’t understand it or how it would help in my business’s search ability. I did not know that my content topics and consistency with it, were directly related to SEO. I was also randomly selecting/coming up with my keywords. Since joining the Work Club, I’m now being intentional with my content creation and I’m learning all about how to master SEO for my business! Oh, and, I know now how to research my keywords PROPERLY! Not only do I love being in the My SEO Work Club, I highly recommend it 

Phatty's Home Cooking healthy cooking for families

Chantel McKie Smith

Phatty's Home Cooking

Watched Replay of last club meeting and felt equipped to do a podcast pitch! Guess what pops up in my FB Timeline; an ad application to be a podcast guest! Fate or is Big Brother listening?!?! ? I was not qualified, BUT applied anyway. Guess who got a message back on Sunday and had an interview on Wednesday...ME!

My SEO WorkClub has been a game changer for my brand Accent Glory! I’ve learned how to develop a more strategic marketing strategy and gain visibility via SEO. 

Tonya Miller Gross of accented glory

Tonya Miller Cross

Accented Glory

I'll be Helping you your SEO Journey

I’m Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, author of My SEO Workbook and founder of Girl Get Visible site and podcast. I’ve helped 1000s of businesses get found online with SEO and learn how to leverage their rankings and content to get visible, build authority, and get customers with ease.

Frequently Asked Question

Who's this membership for?

If your a business owner with a website and want to get more visitor and sales to your site this can help you.It works best if you understand your market and your niche before joining in

Do I need my own website?

Yes any site can be optimized but driving traffic to a site you don’t own won’t be as beneficial to your business

How much time do I need For the membership and SEO?

Initially about 3-4 hours a week to implement SEO and repurpose what’s currently not working with your online content . After that just a few hours a month to keep the traffic flowing. You can spend the extra hours serving your new clients

Since the bulk of the education is don’t up front we’ll spend the 6 weeks really working. A majority of the SEO tasks can be completed within just a few hours. There isn’t a set schedule so you can do as much as you need to each week.

How do I know SEO will work for my business and my audience ?

Millions of people are googling for answers everyday, there isn't an industry that can't be found in search. Try it now Google a few words that you would love to show up for, if you see other sites like yours and other business that do what you do that is proof that "they" could be you.

I've heard SEO doesn't last is that true?

Just like Facebook and other platforms google makes minor changes all of the time. If your site is built with solid content and trustworthy links these changes won’t affect you much.Don’t worry people have been searching for years and I’m confident they’ll search for a few decades more

How long does it take to Rank

You can’t start seeing ranking in as little as 30 days, no more than 60 to see traffic resulting from that movement. 

My recent site launched Aug 3 2019 and was ranking within 2 weeks and in the first month hits from google and bing (yes people still use bing ???)

Doors are Open Until July 18. Join us now so you don't miss getting your site to #1

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