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Learn the simple tweaks your website needs to get you more traffic and sales 

How many more hours do you want to spend creating and putting out content that no one finds? 

Or how many more dollars do you want to spend on ads that aren’t working?

  • Are you wondering how do you get all the traffic and sales you see big business rave about?
  • Have you done the Lives, started the blog, or even the podcast but still no one is coming to your site, signing up for your services, or buying your products?
  • Are you tired of being the best kept secret in your industry?

Let me tell you the problem isn’t your product, your brand colors, or the logo; all of the content you created is sitting in the sea of online sameness instead of grabbing your audience.

Your problem is your future customers can’t find you, they don’t know who you are or how you can help them. 

They are searching for answers and your site is not coming up.

Chances are you’ve been doing a ton of social media marketing, but missing out on other parts of the online marketing.

This missing piece is costing you time, money, and thousands of new customers finding your business. 

But here’s the the good part you don’t need more ads, more things, or even more content.


You need a little SEO (search engine optimization).

Not the hard techy SEO stuff.

You need to create an online content platform, that puts you into your buyers' search results and reaches more people!!

Content that is seen, serves more people!

Once you make these simple tweaks, your site will get the benefits over and over again.

(look at these results) 

get found get visible SEO search content marketing

Hear these #REALSEO Stories, real business women are using this program to attract more of their audience

Making the content you are producing more effective WILL help You:

  • Get more people visiting, engaging, and buying from your website.
  • Save time from posting on social media and living in FB groups to get clients. 
  • Build authority in your business so people know who you are before you enter the room.
  • Save on ads and costly promotions because you can get sales and leads instantly with out depending on ad spend.
  • Get a lot more freedom and flexibility in your business because people Interested in what you do flow to you.
  • Make sure your site speaks to your buyer

See how making these change helped these ladies

#1 reason why people don’t get found in search engines and miss out on billions of searches each year is they don’t have the right content on their website.

They’ve created all of these videos, posts, and commentary on social media but they never put it on their websites or optimize it for the search engines so years of their good stuff is out there doing nothing.  

“If you’re site doesn’t say it, Google doesn’t know you do it, and people can’t find you for it”

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

This is where my system comes in. We focus on using what you have created and connecting it to what people are searching for on your site:

Identify Your audience and what they are Searching for

Spend less time talking about the wrong things to the wrong people. In my system we find what sharing, promoting, and creating new stuff and leverage what you have to work more for you.

Create connections that drive traffic, sales, and gets you recognized

Insta-fame with no fortune is no fun. We focus on connecting with the people who are already shopping for your help and taking your brand from being 1 of, to being the THE 1.

Get Ranked in Search

Billions of people are searching every day. But you have to be "ranked" in the race to win it. We drive thousands of free organic traffic to your site every month and with search traffic you'll work less and save on ads.

The system is the Get Found Get Visible Bootcamp

This is a daily step by step system to help you take the 21 simple steps you need to turn your expertise and knowledge into a #1 ranking, client attracting, visibility magic making  machine.

You haven't seen support and a system like this before. In addition to the course work, we build a culture of implementation with the best tools, templates, and 45 days of support in our accountability community. 

In the Bootcamp...

You have coaching to help you apply the lessons and exercises to your business

My exclusive stash of tools and templates to make the whole process faster and easier.

Video training  each day to help you take the next step and an exclusive video search feature to help you find the answers your need fast 

Check-ins and accountability, if you're afraid you won’t have time for this the check-ins and accountability will keep you on task. 

Live calls and chance to work face to face (or screen to screen LOL) with the experts and get real feedback on your work

Community, geared towards support and collaboration.  The tide rises all ships and we are in this see together

We cover all of the topics you need to make SEO super simple for the everyday business owner like you :

  • Keywords
  • Content Creating
  • Outsourcing content
  • Backlinks
  • On page and off page SEO
  •  Leveraging your rankings
  • Linking building
  • Repurposing for social
  • Pitching and collaborating 

How does the Get Found Get Visible Bootcamp Work?

The Jump last for 5 weeks. Monday- Friday of each week a new task is delivered to your inbox and membership portal to help you take a small step in your big jump. Saturday and Sunday we reserve for catch up days to give you time to complete or review any unfinished steps and every Monday at 8:30 pm EST we meet to recap the week and review your progress.

Here's what we cover each week...

Week 1

Jump into the minds of your audience

Week 1 we jump right into getting to know our audience. Not the regular demographics stuff, but we dig deeper into what's the motivation behind their purchasing and searching.  This helps us in our next steps to create content that attracts the right buyers

Week 2

Jump out there 

You're already an expert in what you do in the Bootcamp we focus on letting the world know about it. In week 2 we jump right out there and get you and your business in the minds and hearts of the right people

Week 3

Jump into Search

This week we focus on some of the stuff that Google likes. Now that you know what your audience wants and how to master your expertise, it's time to build up your platforms to deliver what your audience is searching for. 

Week 4

Jump start your content 

You don't need just any content, you need the right content. This week we jump into creating the content that is going to attract and convert your audience. Be their #1 expert and have them lining up to work with you. 





Every member of the bookcamp gets a copy of my book "My SEO Workbook". This makes the SEO part of our work super fun and easy
( Don't worry if you already have one there is a special code for you on the checkout page.)



Listen to the Course on the go. All of the Lessons and live replays will be available in exclusive Podcast Version

1 year membership in My SEO WorkClub 

Don't wait for the first class. The minute you join you jump right into our community. You one year of support and continue help to implement and grow your audience.  

SEO in a Weekend Crash Course

Need help updating or creating your WordPress Website?
We'll dedicate one weekend in August to walk you step by step on the tech side to building your site.

Support that keeps you going....

Here's what you get in your 1 year My SEO WorkClub Bonus

  • 2 Live Monthly Meetings to help keep you update on the latest and greatest traffic driving strategies. This means no trying to figure out how to make this work for you, we meet regularly to make sure it's working.
  • Regular accountability post to keep you on track and implementing. Nothing works unless we do it on our site so we focus on helping you get the work done not just learning new things
  • Weekly Office hours so you can get all of your questions answered quickly. This means you don't have to stay stuck figuring it out yourself you've got the Q's and I will give you the A's
  • Training on the SEO Success Path, success path will give you step by step guidance to implementing and growing your business with SEO. This means you don't have to worry if you are on the right track or what to do next. We have training and plan to help you move along the way.
  • Co-Working Sessions give you dedicated time to work and brainstorm on your SEO. This means no more feeling like you don't have time to get it all done we've set up special sessions to work together and get results.

Class Starts Jan 5


Get Found Get Visible Bootcamp

$ 125/ 12 month

Pay in Full for $1250

Simple, fast,and effective flexible 

  • Lifetime* Access to Get Found Get Visible Bootcamp Lessons
  • 45 days Expert Support and Support Community 
  • Feedback  on content and task
  • BONUS: My SEO Workbook
  • BONUS: Podcast Version
  • BONUS: SEO in a Weekend
  • BONUS: 12 month My SEO WorkClub

*Lifetime access for the existence of the program

What Our Members Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

Before joining Akilah’s, I was completely clueless about all things SEO. I didn’t understand it or how it would help in my business’s search ability. I did not know that my content topics and consistency with it, were directly related to SEO. I was also randomly selecting/coming up with my keywords. Since joining, I’m now being intentional with my content creation and I’m learning all about how to master SEO for my business! Oh, and, I know now how to research my keywords PROPERLY! Not only do I love being in the program but I highly recommend it 

Phatty's Home Cooking healthy cooking for families

Chantel McKie Smith

Phatty's Home Cooking

Watched Replay of last club meeting and felt equipped to do a podcast pitch! Guess what pops up in my FB Timeline; an ad application to be a podcast guest! Fate or is Big Brother listening?!?! ? I was not qualified, BUT applied anyway. Guess who got a message back on Sunday and had an interview on Wednesday...ME!

The program has been a game changer for my brand Accent Glory! I’ve learned how to develop a more strategic marketing strategy and gain visibility via SEO. 

Tonya Miller Gross of accented glory

Tonya Miller Cross

Accented Glory

I'll be Helping you on your Journey

I’m Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, author of My SEO Workbook and founder of Girl Get Visible site and podcast. I’ve helped 1000s of businesses get found online and learn how to leverage their rankings and content to get visible, build authority, and get customers with ease.

Frequently Asked Question

Who's this program for?

If you're a business owner with a website and want to get more visitor and sales to your site this can help you.It works best if you understand your market and your niche before joining in

Do I need my own website to join?

Yes, you should have a site or be ready to launch as site in the next 45 days  to take full advantage of the program.  Any site can be optimized but driving traffic to a site you don’t own won’t be as beneficial to your business

How much time do I need for the Bootcamp and SEO?

Monday- Friday you'll receive a 5-20 min video. Each task is made in bite size chunks to complete within 1 evening. Sat Sun you have free time to catch up. SEO is a little more work in the beginning at least a few hours a week and then slows up after the first few months when you are able to create a few pieces of content just to keep growing your numbers. 

How do I know if it will work for my business and my audience ?

Millions of people are googling for answers everyday, there isn't an industry that can't be found in search. Try it now Google a few words that you would love to show up for, if you see other sites like yours and other business that do what you do that is proof that "they" could be you.

I've heard SEO doesn't last is that true?

Just like Facebook and other platforms google makes minor changes all of the time. If your site is built with solid content and trustworthy links these changes won’t affect you much.Don’t worry people have been searching for years and I’m confident they’ll search for a few decades more

How long does it take to Rank

You can’t start seeing ranking in as little as 30 days, no more than 60 to see traffic resulting from that movement. 

My recent site launched Aug 3 2019 and was ranking within 2 weeks and in the first month hits from google and bing (yes people still use bing ???)

Why can't I just use the SEO Book?

The SEO Book is amazing for just learning the steps to implementing SEO on a site, but unfortunately it can be a hands on experience with feedback customized for your business and your experience. We use the book as a tool in the Bootcamp but also go deeper to give you unique ways to leverage SEO in your overall business model and help you implement the steps of  SEO the way that works best for you.

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES, I fully believe in the program, style of teaching, and community that I want you to feel confident joining us. You have 7 days from the start of the course (that would be 7/20 for this round) to decide if the program is right for you. In 7 days you will have experienced 5 days of the delivered task, 1 coaching call (2 if you count the welcome) and the support and accountability in the group. To withdraw from the program just email and we will process the refund (minus the book cost $29.99) and un-enroll you from the program 

Can you get the same results with ads?

Ads can be great to amplify your voice and your content but there are 2 problems with depending on ads. 1. They amplify the good and the bad, if your content isn't attracting your audience people will see ad but they still won't take action. 2. The ad stops when you stop paying. With the content work we do the changes you make continue to work even when you aren't and you create the content that people want to see and take action with.

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